Daily Archives: March 26, 2010

Wii Netflix Disc

The Wii Netflix Disc Has Arrived


Why I’m posting this I don’t know, but today we got the Wii Netflix disc.  Unlike the Xbox 360 you gotta insert it anytime you wanna stream.  Lame.  But the good news is that if you ordered one it should be in your mailbox, just in time for Friday night...


Pcubee 3D Box Doesn’t Need No Stinking Glasses (video)


These days it’s nearly impossible to escape 3D.  Every where we look we see something related to 3D…this post is no exception.  But the 3D we’re often hit with is dependent upon stereoscopic imaging.  Not so with the pCubee.  The 3lb cube contains 5 screens and by tracking the location...

WSJ iPad

WSJ iPad Pricing Leaked


On April 3rd comes the arrival of the iPad, and with it the hopes that the print industry can be revolutionized. The Wall Street Journal is banking on the device, as leaked pricing from sources close to the paper shows a $17.99 monthly subscription fee for the newspaper. Magazines are...


Japanese Replica Taxi Meter


Tired of driving your so called “friends” around?  Start charging them will this cool Japanese Replica Taxi Meter.  Not quite sure why this novelty gadget is Japanese but it will still be awesome to whip this thing out when your buddies start to wear out their welcome in your ride....

iPad CBS HTML5 Test

CBS Possibly Testing HTML5 Video Playback For iPad

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With the April 3rd launch of the iPad rapidly approaching, it appears that many popular websites are quietly redesigning their content for HTML5 in anticipation (the iPad famously doesn’t support Adobe Flash). A blogger has reportedly found evidence on CBS’s website that they are gearing up to offer their videos...

Pegatron HTPC

Pegatron Shows Off Wood Finished Home Theater PC


Home Theater PC’s offer a great, cheap way to watch streaming content on your HDTV, and Pegatron is offering a slick new option with their as yet-unnamed small HPTC. It has a slick bamboo finish, HDMI output, Ethernet, as well as microphone and speaker inputs. With NVIDI’s Tegra 2 chip,...

Acer Aspire Ethos

Acer Aspire Ethos Laptop Specs See Light Of Day


Acer’s quietly rising to overthrow Dell as a leading notebook company, and their new Ethos line is on the right track to help them out. The 18.4-inch 8943G is basically an armored tank disguised as a laptop. It features a 1920×1080 resolution, and an impressive 5.1 surround sound setup, with...

Star Wars Lightsaber bookends

Star Wars Bookends Put The Force On Literary Texts


Believe it or not but Star Wars fans actually read books.  In fact, the Star Wars books are quintessential to true Star Wars fandom.  But how to keep all those Jedi inspired books in neat order is not something any little rebel should take on, unless of course you’ve got...


LG LX9500 LED TV Is Just 22mm Thick, Sure To Make You Drool


3D HDTV’s are really hot these days, and LG just announced one whose slim specs will make TV geeks drool. The LG LX9500 is only 22.3mm thick, and features a 16mm bezel, making this thing look pretty hot in anyone’s living room. The display is LED-backlit, offers 1080p resolution and...