Daily Archives: March 24, 2010

8-bit Wall Hanger2

8-Bit Wall Hanger


Retro is always in, and when it comes to video games there is no debating.  The 8-Bit hanger adds a touch of Nintendo nostalgia to your home in a graceful and not over the top manner.  They’re probably best suited in an office or home theater room....

Styletap iphone

StyleTap: Palm OS On The iPhone (if it’s jailbroken)


There’s a small, but vocal, contingent of ex-Palm OS users who have switched over to the iPhone but crave their old Palm apps. Their cries have finally been answered by the people at StyleTap, who have just released an emulator program for the Palm OS up to version 5.2. Be...

Samsung Modus

Samsung Fires Of Modus Bluetooth Headset, Doubles As A Stereo Headphone


Samsung’s releasing a stylish new high-end Bluetooth headset with the Modus. It features noise-canceling technology, two microphones, and the ability to sync the device to multiple handsets simultaneously. It’ll automatically switch to whatever device gets a call — pretty sweet. You also get a stereo headset, and the whole things...


HP EliteBook 8740W Notebook Is Looking Beefy


The newly released HP EliteBook 8740W is an impressive machine. It’s got plenty of on-screen space with a 1920×1080 DreamColor LED screen, up to 16GB (!) RAM, and the choice of an Intel i5 or i7 processor. The beefy graphics options are either a 1GB NVIDIA Quadro or ATI FirePro....