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Padded Soccer Ball Remote

Padded Soccer Ball Remote


Soccer hooligans are well known for their racial epithets and stadium riots.  But what happens behind closed doors is anyone’s guess and I’m willing to wager a bet that more than their fair share have a tendency to hurdle their TV remotes across the room in the face of adversity....


Laptop Smart Feet Ya’ll!

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Need some elevation for your laptop?  Laptop SmartFeet are an affordable way to get you laptop propped up and the way you like it.  The rubberized non-skid feet effectively raise the rear of your computer 1.5” to give you a better viewing angle in addition to increasing ventilation and heat...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3DS Details Emerge


3-D movies, 3-D HDTV’s, and now 3-D portable game consoles — looks like the 3-D trend is here to stay. Nintendo announced their latest handheld today, the 3DS, and it looks mighty impressive. The device will offer 3-D gameplay without the use of stereoscopic glasses, with the use of two...


Robovie mR2 iPod Touch Powered Robot (video)


Looking for new ways to interact with your music? Yeah, me either. But the Robovie mR2 looks cool anyway. The toy robot is controlled by your iPod touch, which docks in its chest. You’ll then be able to control the robot over touchscreen or WiFi, and its supposed to gather...

Nokia n8-00

Nokia N8-00 Leaked Pics Surface


Leaked pics of the new Nokia N8-00 surfaced online today, and the device looks to have an impressive camera and sleek profile for a smartphone. The rumored specs include a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen running at WVGA resolution, 12-megapixel camera (with optics by renowned lens maker Carl Zeiss), front-facing video camera,...

Kyocera Zio M600 Cell Phone

Kyocera Zio M6000 Android Phone


Another day, another Android smartphone — not that I’m complaining. Kyocera’s bringing their Zio M6000 to the table, and it’s looking pretty slick to me. The device has a high-res 800X640 display, and its main selling point is a low price point (between $169 and $216 without a contract). Other...


The Rail To Help De-Clutter Your iMac Wires

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Organization is the foundation to a happy and productive workspace.  To help with that comes The Rail for the Apple iMac.  Basically a toothbrush holder for your cavalcade of wires, it attaches easily to the back of your iMac stand.  Constructed from steel with a polished nickle finish.  You can...