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Palm Pre AT&T

Palm PRE And Pixi Coming To AT&T, Price Announced


Here’s a little bit more AT&T news for you: the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi will be coming to the carrier sometime soon – they haven’t announced an official launch date as of yet. Pricing wise were looking at $149.99 and $49.99 after a 2-year control signing and $100 mail-in-rebate,...

MSI p600

MSI Announces New P600 Laptops


MSI recently unveiled its new P600 laptop in a press release, touting the 15.6-inch notebook as weighing only 2.41 kilograms and featuring an estimated eight hours of battery life, perfect for businessmen on the go. Adding to the business angle, the P600 includes a fingerprint scanner for added security. In...

Sony Vaio E Laptops

Sony Launches New VAIO E Series Laptops


Cornering the market on brightly colored notebooks, Sony revealed new entries in its VAIO E series today that combine looks with some impressive specs. 14-inch and 17-inch versions of the VAIO E are now available in a variety of colors, including bright green, blue, and pink. The 14-inch notebook features...

Click Remote

Clicker Beer Remote Control

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A fresh new show will never be too far out of reach thanks to the Clicker Universal Remote.  With that said, nor will a freshly cracked brew.  Yup, this universal remote has a bottle opener lodged in its side.  But you didn’t need me to tell you that.  What you...

Santok SMC1000

Santok SMC1000 Boombox iPod Speaker


The Santok SMC1000 STK Boombox iPod Speaker probably won’t rattle the paintings off their hooks, but it’s minimalist aesthetic might fit in nicely with your home’s art.  There’s not a whole lot to talk about here, but inside the boombox, which most notably has a large display to show off...