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GameBone iPhone GamePad Accessory

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Playing games on the iPhone, is well, let’s say more of a time passer-byer than a sit down event.  But perhaps with the Gamebone gamepad accessory for the iPhone that will change…for some (I still won’t be gaming on  my iPhone, unless of course it’s Bejeweled). Yes, it does bear...


Is This Blackberry OS 6.0?


Heads up, Blackberry owners: screenshots have leaked purporting to show the new Blackberry OS version 6.0. In the shots, what appears to be widgets are displayed on the smartphone’s home screen, which would allow users instant access to things like weather, stocks, and other info. The images are sourced from...

Smartmeter Issues

Smart Meters Cause Issue In Texas, Drug Dealers Be Warned


Why California Edison hasn’t rolled out smart meters is beyond my understanding, but it might actually be a good thing according to Inhabitat.  In Texas numerous customers have complained about sky rocketing bills after the meters had been installed.  Insult to injury, there are all sorts of privacy concerns to...


Lawn Mower Scooter, Are You Freakin’ Serious?


The only time I thought mowing the lawn was a cool thing, was when Patrick Dempsey did it to make money so he could score (buy) a super hot chick in “Can’t Buy Me Love”.  And today, despite the existence of the Lawn Mower Scooter concept, I still think the...

HP Slate

Possible HP Slate Price And Specs Leaked


News hit today that the HP Slate, HP’s tablet computer, a competitor to the iPad, might cost as much as $540.  But, keep in mind that amount is derived from the rumored Euro price, a part of the world that always tends to be on the more expensive side when...

27-inch LCD from Mac

Rumor: Apple To Launch 27-inch LCD And New Mac Pro With 12 Cores


Here’s exciting news for Apple fanatics: Apple Insider reports that the Cupertino, CA-based company is prepping a 27-inch version of its LED Cinema Display for release this June. The display is purported to feature a 2560×1440 resolution, and keep with the same glass-bezel style of the popular 24-inch inch version...