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Eastpak Couch

Eastpak Couch: Backpack Meets Couch

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Is the Eastpak Backpack Couch real?  You bet ya, at least as far as concepts and prototypes go, you know, the stuff that rarely emerges on the market in the initially presented form.  In any case, the Backpack Couch is built for those that reside in what I like to...

Dual Seat Tricycle

Electric Dual Seat Tricycle


I’m all for the tandem bike, but it’s difficult to share the experience since one person is inevitably staring at the other’s rear.  Enter the Dual Seat Adult Tricycles.  Each seat includes its own independent set of pedals and gears, you’ll just have to settle on sharing the strearing.  Clearly...

Scosche Skycaster

Scosche To Debut New Netbook Gear At The 2010 CTIA Las Vegas


Scosche has plans for the 2010 CTIA in Las Vegas.  There they’ll officially announce four new products geared towards netbook and surprise, iPad users.  So what are we talking about? The skyCASTER Headphones are wirefree, operate over the 2.4Ghz frequency and include a USB transmitter.  They have cushioned leather ear...

Dell 3D projector S300W

Dell S300W Short-throw Projector Does 3D


HD projectors are impressive in their own right, but a 3-D one? That would be downright slick. The new Dell S300W can produce a 90-inch, 720p image from a three-foot distance. Other specs include 2200 ANSI lumens of brightness,  a 2400:1 contrast ratio, and the aforementioned 3-D capability. The device...

Google Android Maps 4.1

Google Android Maps 4.1 Released


Google has updated its Maps application for Android to version 4.1, bringing a slew of improvements, including a new swipe gesture for moving between results, a Latitude widget for the Android’s home screen, a redesigned results page, and support for multiple Google accounts. In addition, a live updated wallpaper of...