Daily Archives: March 17, 2010

Cowon J3

J3 Is Cowon’s Next MP3 Player, Finished In Brushed Metal


PMPs are all the rage these days, bringing music, pictures, and videos to your pocket for those long train rides and various other kinds of downtime. Cowon’s new J3 PMP player hopes to bring that experience to you in a cool-looking device, promising a 3.3. inch AMOLED touchscreen (with a...


Virtusphere: A Virtual Hamster Wheel Or Reality (video)

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This is some exciting new technology — Virtusphere is a virtual reality system that creates engrossing environments using a sphere that encloses around the user. With the large plastic sphere on wheels, the person can spin in all directions and have a huge sense of freedom of movement. A wireless...

Cliq XT

Motorola Cliq XT Hits T-Mobile For $129.99 After A 2-Year


T-Mobile officially launched the Cliq XT, which is essentially the Cliq without the keyboard.  If you’re so inclined you can grab the MOTOBLUR powered phone for $129.99 after signing 2-years of your life away. Features: Touchscreen 5 megapixel camera 3.5mm headphone jack MOTOBLUR for social networking, etc Proximity sensor WiFi...