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Diamond iPad

Diamond iPad Costs $20k, Ships In June


What’s stupid and a complete waste of money?  No, not an iPad, but a diamond encrusted iPad.  A company called Mervis – makes me think of Merve the perv – is offering anyone with $20 Gs (as in $20,000) an iPad adorned with 11.43 carats of diamonds.  And just to...

Doodle Track

Draw A Line And The Doodle Track Race Car Follows (video)


Before you get all hot and bothered about the Doodle Track race cars, don’t.  Sure, they’ll automatically follow along any line you draw using the car’s optical sensor, but unfortunately the speed maxes out at L-A-M-E.  With that said, they’re clearly intended for the under 7 crowd, you know the...

Nerf Deploy CS-6 Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Blaster


Nerf’s lastest blaster, the Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6, will have you doing night time spec op missions thanks to the built-in flash light.  The product page’s details are a bit sparse, but it looks like the flash light can be rotated 90 degrees to enhance your gangster lean. Read...

TomTom 1.3 App

TomTom Update iPhone App, Now Includes HD Traffic Info


TomTom has updated their popular GPS iPhone app to version 1.3, adding the very useful feature of HD traffic updates to the application. Every three minutes, the app will alert you to any traffic accidents or other delays on your route. Be warned – the traffic update feature will cost...


Ben NanoNote Linux Ultra Compact PC Now Shipping For $99

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Qi Hardware announced today that their Ben NanoNote ultra-compact PC is now shipping for only $99 dollars. The device, which runs on Linux, is built on customizability, allowing users to do whatever they want with its 3-inch, 320×240 display, including setting up the device as a super portable video player....


MSI Launches GE700 Gaming Laptop


MSI revealed a new gaming notebook today in their GE gamer series. The GE700 gaming laptop has a 17-inch LCD display and some impressive specs for running today’s biggest games. The notebook has an 1GB ATI Radeon HD570 GPU, an Intel Core i5 processor, two twin 2.5 inch HDDs with...

Medal Of Honor Trailer 2

New Medal Of Honor Trailer Released (video)


Unfortunately, no real game play is shown, but here is the newest trailer for the next Medal Of Honor video game.  Will it rival the COD series?  Hard to say, but EA is behind it and prior to Activision’s record breaking game they ruled the FPS shooter, at least when...