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Garden Groomer-2

Shrub Groomer Is A Floby Meets Chainsaw

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I guess it was only a matter of time of until the Floby (yes, the hair cutting machine from the 90s) technology was applied to hedge trimming.  The Garden Groom features a 4-inch concealed stainless steel rotary blade that chops even the most challenging of shrubs and then using an...

Nokia Self Charging Phone

Nokia Files Patent For Piezoelectric Self-Charging Phone


In this particular day and age, with climate change and global warming being plastered across the news and media, Nokia couldn’t have chosen a better time to let slip details about a self-charging mobile phone. How it actually works is fairly straight forward. Energy from other components in the phone...

Old 1983 Phone

Game Changing Cell Phones Of The Last 30 Years

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Cell phones have come along way in the last 30 years.  In fact, it’s a bit difficult to believe that they’ve been around that long.  As a tween my father had one of the first cell phones, the brick (pictured above), but I’ll always associated that with Zach from the...

Wii Push up bar

Wii Push Up Bar (video)


CTA Digital is running quite the racket.  Instead of building actual, real working products, they’ve managed to achieve some level of success producing peripherals for the Wii that aren’t much more than plastic.  This time around they’ve got the Wii Push Up Bar, which attaches to the Wii Balance Board...