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BART Augmented Reality App: See Trains, Routing Info, Places Of Interest And More (video)


[GR]MP1VuRIJYd4[/GR] Listen up San Fran commuters, BART has partnered with Junaio to create their very own augmented reality app.  Now you can see places of interest, BART entrances, check on train times and more.  Check the video above for a full run down. Read...

Pioneer  DJM-2000

Pioneer’s DJM-2000 DJ Mixer Busts A Serious Move With A Multitouch 5.8-inch Touchscreen (video)

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It’s a pretty bold statement when a company says they’ve produced the most advanced product of its type in the company’s history, but if anything is gonna qualify for that label it is the DJM-2000. At first blush it looks like your standard 4 channel DJ mixer.  But take a...

Solar Surge Blue

Novothink’s Surge Solar Battery Pack Now Available, First Apple Certified


Remember Novothink’s Surge, the first ever Apple certified solar charging battery pack?  It’s now available.  You can score one for in black or white (other colors are coming soon) for $80 for the iPhone or $70 for the iPod Touch.  Surprisingly the iPhone version has a smaller battery (1320mAH) compared...


Playstation Move Bitch, Get Out The Way!

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Sony Computer Entertainment has just announced that its motion controlling scenario titled Move is scheduled for a fall 2010 release.  Looking to give Microsoft’s Project Natal a run for its motion sensing money, Move will require you to also purchase the PlayStation Eye Camera for full compatibility. Additionally, the motion...


PowerGig: Bridging The Gap Between Rhythm Games And Actual Instruments


I glad this is finally happening.  Merging rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band comes the PowerGig: Rise of the Six String.  Using an actual six string guitar, PowerGig aims to teach its players some actual, tangible guitar tactics.  Making its initial appearance at this year’s GDC, PowerGig at...

Splinter Cell Conviction Mulitplayer

‘Splinter Cell: Conviction’ Multiplayer Detailed In Video (video)


I kind of missed this.  I don’t know how since I’m pretty excited about Splinter Cell: Conviction.  In any case, here is probably what will be the most detailed look at the game’s multiplayer experience before the game launches in April.  I can’t say I’m totally blow away, but I...


Doorbell With A Built-in Video Camera

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If I were a cat burglar knocking off houses during the day I’d probably wanna ring the doorbell and see if anyone is home before committing my B&E.  If your line of work happens to be such, you better watch out for the Wireless Doorbell Monitor With Camera.  A small...

Street Fighter 4 Now Available

Street Fighter IV Now Available On The iPhone


Ready to get your battle cry on?  Street Fighter IV for the iPhone and iPod Touch is now available in the iTunes store for $9.99.  The majority of the ratings are 5 star, with only a handful of 3 or less. Sorry, still no word on when and if Tekken...

Wind Powered Toy Car

A Wind Powered Toy Car

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Sometimes the best way to get the kiddies to ‘pick up what your laying down’ is to put that learning into a toy.  We’ve already seen the Hydrogen powered RC car, so it’s really no surprise to see a wind power generated one emerge on the market. The Tamiya Loopwing...

Iron Man Arc Reactor

Replica Iron Man Arc Reactor Can Power Your Super Hero Dreams


If you love you some Iron Man than you’re gonna love this full sized, fully licensed replica Arc Reactor.  Yup, it’s the exact same power cell that resides in Tony Stark’s chest, minus the actual power part of course.  Pop in 4 AA batteries to see it light up, or...