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Excessively Overpriced LapTop Table For Bedside Blogging


Evoking a Tron aesthetic, this expensive LapTop table design from Zyane Tan will actually see the light of production.  What could possibly be a blogger’s delight, the Fusion Coffee Table is priced at $3,000 which is certainly not, a blogger’s delight. Incorporating a Sony Vaio Laptop, the table will actually...

Hookah Computer Case

Hookah Computer Case Smokes The Competition

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I’ve smoked out of a few hookahs in my time and I can tell you their precarious at best.  Why so?  Burning hot charcoal sits perched on a tall and some what top heavy apparatus.  One tug of the tub and it will all come toppling down, water spillage probably...

God Of War 3 Sex Scene

NSFW: God Of War III Sex Scene (video)


Ah, is this for real?  Is this really in the game?  How is this possible?  Why don’t I have a PS3?  Where can I find these women?  So many questions! Seriously, though, this scene is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, unless of course you work in Van Nuys or Studio City...


Samsung’s 3-D Starter Package For Free!


Well, sort of.  For the time being, Samsung will give you their 3-D Starter Package for free if you buy a Samsung 3-D HDTV and 3-D Blu-Ray Player.  No telling how much that’ll cost exactly but the Starter Package does seem like a great deal when compared to going the...

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Official: Iron Man 2 Trailer (video)


May 7th can’t come soon enough, but until then we’ll have to be satisfied with the latest Iron Man 2 trailer.  I’m a bit disappointed that they gave away the ‘suitcase armor’ bit and the plot looks a little wonky.   But, in any case, enjoy. [GR]FNQowwwwYa0[/GR]...


Sony Japan Active Shutter 3D TV Glasses And Infrared Emitter


I think it’s safe to presume that you’re going to spend a significant amount of loot totally converting to 3-D TV and Blu-Ray.  Word from Sony Japan is that they’ve priced the TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 Active Shutter 3-D Glasses at $133 a piece. You are also going to need the...


Happy Hour Watch Has A Built-in Bottle Opener


On Thursday or Friday happy hour can never come soon enough.  But with the Happy Hour Watch every hour is drinking time. Okay, so the watch face is nothing spectacular, but who really cares about that when  you can crack cold and frosty ones on any of the college campuses...

iPhone Sausage Stylus

Sausage iPhone Stylus Smears Screen With Stupidity


Oh the inspiration for products.  Sure, there are justifiable times for those ‘oh yeah’ moments, but there is no rationalizing the iPhone Sausage Screen Stylus from Case Crown. Last month the blogosphere blew up with news that folks in Korea were using real edible sausages to control their iPhones so...