Daily Archives: March 7, 2010

Strobe Hard Drive Clock

The Most Amazing Hard Drive Clock (video)


Holy crap!  This hard drive clock is something out of a sci-fi movie.  Even the short video (placed below) is ‘cut’ to add a certain mystique.  It works using persistence of vision and once it spins up to max speed – I’m guessing 7200 rpm – it displays the time....

Apple iPad Commercial

The iPad’s First Commercial, Is It The Last? (video)


What, you didn’t watch the Oscars?  Then you probably didn’t see Apple’s iPad commercial.  No bother, they’ve already got it posted on their Youtube channel, which I’ve embedded below. As for the title of this post: I’m just wondering if the iPad will have limited success?  Come on, it’s not...

Motorola Backflip Now Available @ AT&T


As promised the Motorola Backflip, AT&T’s first Android phone, has officially gone on sale.  Head over to America’s fastest 3G network and you can score one for $99.99 after a 2-year contract and a $100 mail-in-rebate.  Oh yeah, you’ll have to purchase at least a $30/month data plan to be...