Daily Archives: March 6, 2010


Magtenlight: Magnetically Powered Bike Lights


Dynamo powered lights have been around almost as long as the bicycle has had gears.  One problem?  Most if not all of them had to make physical contact with a spinning wheel to be powered, that is until now.  Enter the Magtenlight.  It uses the same dynamo tech, but instead...

Zen Bound

The iPads First Game Is Zen Bound 2


It’s not the first game I’d expect to see announced on the iPad, but low and behold here it is: Zen Bound 2 by Secret Exit.  Zen Bound, the first iteration, is currently available on the iPhone.  This version, while not a complete sequel will feature improved graphics, new levels...


Icedozer: Bulldozer Meets Ice Scraper


Still looking for a way to lay the smack down on that bothersome winter ice adhered to your windshield?  The IceDozer – a bulldozer meets ice scraper – has a “FlexiBlade and Ice Tenderizers” to destroy whatever inclement weather the North East has to throw at you and your car. ...

Flying Hovercraft

Flying Hovercraft, For Realz (video)


Screw cars, screw hover crafts, I want the Wing in Ground flying hovercraft.  Invented by Rudy Heeman of Nelson, New Zealand it took him 10+ years to build the water/flight vehicle in his garage.  He used a variety of parts from all sorts of junked vehicles including a 1.8l Subaru...