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iPad Reviews Begin To Roll In, So Far So Good


The iPad’s arrival is just days away and already a handful of reviews have trickled out on the Net.  Why we don’t have one in our hands or why we haven’t ordered one is largely due to its lack of flash compatibility.  But if you still haven’t hit the order...


Powerplus Solar Remote Control

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Replacing batteries on my remote controls is something I rarely do.  I still have the original AA’s in my Onkyo Amp remote from 2004.  For those who want to totally abandon all batteries in their living room, the Powerplus Solar Remote Control can be yours for the taking. The remote...


USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drives From PQI

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So while the majority of us don’t have the hardware to support a USB 3.0 device, companies are still making these future forward gadgets.  PQI has a new line of USB 3.0 Hard Drives for your time capsule under the model name of H566. Boasting 10x the transfer speeds of...

Asus ET2010 All In One Machines

Asus ET2010 All-in-one Machines Get The Full Deets


ASUS continues their PC onslaught with a new line-up of all-in-one desktops under their EeeTop line. Every model has a wall-mountable 1-inch thick design, DVD drive, and 20-inch, 1600X900 display, with the two premium ones having multi-touch ability. HDDs range from 160GB to 500GB, RAM is either 1GB OR 2GB,...


BookArc Stand For iPad Is Simple Sweetness


The iPad will be here in just a couple days — you made sure to preorder it, right? As you might be aware, the device supports Bluetooth keyboards for typing out those long e-mails, but it needs something to stand on while doing so. Apple’s selling a keyboard that has...

Logitech Harmony 300 Remote

Logitech Harmony 300 Remote Costs Just $50, Lacks A Screen


Universal remotes awe me with their many buttons and awesome power, but they’re usually pretty darn expensive. Logitech is helping to fix that with its new Harmony 300 remote, which comes in at under a hundred dollars. It connects to your computer through and painlessly finds the devices you...

Email T-Shirt

This T-Shirt Lights Up When ‘You’ve Got Mail” (video)


Continuing in the long line of clothes with electronics stuck on them comes this cool e-mail experiment. The t-shirt lights up when a new e-mail arrives, also displaying the amount  in your inbox. The device consists of a an Arduino Lilypad micrcontroller, conductive thread, LEDs, and a Bluetooth dongle that...

Twist Alarm Clock

Twist Alarm Clock Wakes You With Math


The best way for me to wake up in the morning is to scroll through my emails.  It engages my brain, gets me reading and reminds me of all the things I need to do.  If email is the last thing you want to look at upon opening your eyes,...

Bladefish Sea jet

BladeFish Seajet: A Personal Underwater Motor


Still trying to find that product to compliment the Liquid Image Scuba diving mask?  Look no further.  The BladeFish Seajet is a personal lightweight rechargeable sea scooter that can propel you up to 4.2kmh, or about 2.2mph.  Yeah, the speed is a bit slow, but instead of kicking and flailing...