Charging your devices has really become quite the industry of its own these days.  Countless companies are offering countless chargers as the list of consumer options grows on and on.  The Technocel PowerPak is a small and lightweight USB charger that ultimately falls flat because it fails to do what all chargers are meant to be.  Reliable.

From the small capacity 1000milA internal battery, to the despondent charge display button, this charger was more of a disappointing hassle than anything else.  It comes with a ton of connectors but I did all my testing with my iPhone and iPod touch.


From a totally dead battery, I maybe got about 80% back after using the Technocel.  From 20% I did manage to get back to 100% but the end result is the same.  You can’t achieve a full charge on your iPhone from the Technocel USB PowerPak.  I realize that many gadget batteries are rated less than 1000milA, but given the advertisement of phone charging on the box, it should hold up.  Most people out there will be buying after market chargers for primarily their phones and not their digital cameras and so forth.

I also notice that left to sit around fully charged, the PowerPak would lose it’s charge – after a week of sitting idle it had lost around 50% of its charge. Total weak sauce.  Having to constantly manage a charger is not what you need when you are already managing the charge of your cell phone.


Having said all that, I did enjoy the shape and the gun-metal matte finish of the PowerPak, but that was about it.  The charge indicator display was iffy at best and didn’t respond, often times requiring several concerted button presses.

Having experienced more quality chargers I really can’t recommend this one.  Granted it’s not all that expensive ($37), but the dependability is just not there, and that is the whole point of a charger.


  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive


  • Weak battery
  • Unresponsive
  • Unreliable

Buy the Techocel PowerPak here for $37

Note:  For those looking for a battery pack with more power, Technocel also has the Powerpak Duo and XT.  The Duo sports dual USB inputs with a 2500mAh internal Lithium Ion battery while the XT features a single USB port with a 1600mAh battery.  Both batteries will be on sale very soon.

Jeff B