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Pomme Bathrub Speaker

Self Contained Waterproof Pomme Bath Speaker

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Taking the message in a bottle concept and adapting it to a music in a bathtub type scenario, the Self Contained Waterproof Pomme Bath Speaker will help your tunes float by when taking a hot and steamy…bath.  Strictly Japanese at this point, the Bath Speaker is available in 3 different...


Gadget Design: Outlet Regulator “Leech Plug”


Coming to us from RISD student Conor Klein, the Leech Plug is a standout innovation in terms of design towards energy conservation.  While common sense would dictate how the Leech Plug would work I’ll break it down anyway. Using a timer circuit along with electromechanics, the plug itself will eject...


Kettler Kettquad: Fat Kids Need Not Apply (video)


An expensive kids version of their teen redneck daddy’s ATV, the Kettquad from German company Kettler features pneumatic tires for tackling off-road terrain, a protected enclosed chain drive, no-shift reverse, and disk brakes! Aimed at the 5-12 year old bracket, the Kettquad should hit the states later this year for...


R2-D2 Pepper Mill Ya’ll


The onslaught of Star Wars merchandise continues to dominate the blogs and beyond.  Today’s awesomeness comes in the form of the R2-D2 Pepper Mill.  With the twist of his dome piece, R2 effectively sprays ground pepperlings across your grub of choice.  On sale now from ThinkGeek for only $20. Any...

X-Plore.XGX GPS Glove

X-Plore.XGX: The World’s First Ski Glove With GPS

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In case one of the many GPS watches we’ve seen or tested in the last few months doesn’t pique your interest for tracking all things sports related, Zanier has a pair of gloves infused with a GPS tracking device and monochrome screen called the Xplore.XGX ski gloves.  They can track...

Backflip by Motorola on AT&T

Motorola Backflip Price And Launch Date Announced (video)


Pop the champagne!  AT&T just officially announced their first Android handset, the Motorola Backflip.  Okay, I’m way overstating my excitement, but it’s good to see Big Blue jump on board with the mobile Google OS. The Backflip is a Motoblur device and unlike other flip phones is a reverse flip. ...

Infinite USB Memory Device-1

The Infinite USB Memory Device Does Exist

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Tell me something is infinite and I’ll laugh in your face.  Looks like I won’t be having the last laugh, Infinitec will. They’re set to release something called the Infinite USB Memory Device (IUM).  Sounds impossible I know, but read on and you’ll get it. In short order it’s a...