Gaming Rumor: RockStar To Announce Grand Theft Auto 5 At E3 2010??

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125 Comments to Gaming Rumor: RockStar To Announce Grand Theft Auto 5 At E3 2010??

  1. those do seem like good ideas but have you thought about the Saints Row series? they may include some of those in later games as well but all in all good ideas.

  2. i totally agree with the wather, i want snow.!! I have been screaming this for years! whats New York City without snow? its odd is what it is! i want a new place, no return to anything, new adventures, and PLEASE no more dance missons, if people wanna dance, let them go do it like darts or bowling. i wanna be able to acsess more buildings, how about other citys? or even contrys make it a global thing! come on rockstar i know you can use them brains of yours.

  3. Blakejake117

    Gta V should have all there map sanadras vice city liberty city al shoved together and brngback the planes anddd FRECKIN ADD SPLIT SCREAN I MEAN THERES BEEN MANY GA GAMES AND NOT A SINGLE SPLIT SCREAN online is fun and sanadras had a over head gme mode but you cant even get in diffrent car its suck and make it so you can ue cheat codes online ad crap mak to diffrent game modes “free roam” ad “free roam with cheat codes”

  4. it would be cool if u could destroy buildings threre r a lot of things that can improve gta like online and story r why on ballod of gay tony u run like a grampa

  5. I agree I would love to see a total diffrent city, maybe even non-American! sounds crazy but either way I would welcome something new. As already mentioned something more to spend your money on other then guns and food would be nice, maybe add a bit more of a RPG element to the game with a variety of upgrades be it for weapons, status, street cred, houses, body, bad guy/good guy choices etc.

  6. I do think there should be a new place for the next gta and i think it should be in Atlanta because in my hometown of ATL we have the best places to kill people and have gang wars like Spaghetti Junction( a huge highway intersection having at least 6 raised highways.), World Of Coke, Phillips Arena , Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta International Airport, and Stone Mountain. ( the only bad part is there isn't some huge ocean to jump in if your on fire or anything so it would be annoying.)

  7. I think it would be cool if it had, vice city, san andreas and librety city map combined into 1 giant map! More realistic cars like ford fiesta's to bmw 330ci kinda thing. And cars have speedomiters and run out of fuel. And you can buy houses and cars from car shops. And be able to buy drugs. And better motorbikes like Kawasaki bikes

  8. you know having it in boston wouldnt be tht bad it is known for its bank robberies and i hav to admit the mission 3 leaf clover in gta 4 was the best mission ive ever done

  9. you know having it in boston wouldnt be tht bad it is known for its bank robberies and i hav to admit the mission 3 leaf clover in gta 4 was the best mission ive ever done

  10. and i forgot to mention being able to buy cars at dealers and houses something that will allow u to spend ur money on something otherthen food. because u got 2 admit when u have a million dollars there isnt much to spend it on.

  11. seasonal changes that will effect the inviroment around the player. deeper character customization, car custimization, bring back the cellphone, more of a selection of weapons, 2 player splitscreen, associate vice city, san andreas, and liberty city onto one map.add more cars,boats,aircraft etc. actions in the game will effect the campains later on or inviromental changes. able to take on different careers such as: police work, taxi work, firemen work, medical work, etc. each job offering payment and a outfit to be used. if some of these things that i had asked show up on the game this game would be LEGIT :D

  12. Harvey Pathammavong

    What I Wanna see for territory They should not only be in liberty city,vice city or san andreas There should be like mexico or russia or endland that would be cool plus more outfits weapons awesomer cars and there shuld be snow,floods hurricanes and tornadoes THAT would be cool.

  13. uh hi or something

    the new game needs jetpack airplanes helicopdters new cars flamethrower and a chainsaw gta 4 didnt have as much as i thought gta san andreas had more!!! so i hope the next gta has alot more

  14. i really want a return to san andreas it would have better graphics (same city)new cars and pedestrians

  15. i really think all of your comments are good i think ther should be co op mode and single player you and your friend can do missions or just kill and injoy the city that there will be

  16. Mysteriouscr

    I wanna see rockstar use gas stations. nothing would add to the realism like you trying to evade the police & the car you steal runs out of gas.

    • BranislavDJ

      Its painfull enough that NPC complicates your life,fuel loss would be least thing on list during missions.

      • Jedbarrell

        yer and very rarely after hours of driving like 3 hours in human hours you will see a mesage say your cars running low on juice, fill it up soon, then petrol station icons will apear on the radar and you need to get there soon

  17. Mitchenater

    ive got to say, I totally agree with a new setting. I think that gta has to be alot grittier and darker.atlanta would probably be a good place, or even boston. (I would love Boston). And it would be pretty cool if the seosons changed. It would give you a new type of play. I love the realism of gta 4, rockstar should keep should keep going in that direction. im a big gta fan, and i love rockstar, keep up the good work

  18. Jhengsteler

    ok look ive played booth gta 4 and episodes from liberty city and i would have to agree i would like to see a change such as europe maybe or japan or somwhere other than the last 3 citys used vice city is boring and san andreas got boring to i would like to see rockstar pull a nice big new city out such as a foreign country like russia or something

  19. critter1993

    i think that gta 5 shoukd should feature real cars with speed ometers and ramp up the police game… i think that gta 5 should be set in the south maybe atl or new orleans and you should be able to build your cars to your liking and you should be able to choose your character at the beginning of the game for examle either a kkk member or a gangster and you should be able to build you charechter to your liking and make more buldings more public entry and make the citizens interactible more and seasonal changes would be freggin amazing make the houses more to the players liking

  20. it would be nice if you could go down south to atlanta or something, or in the midwest. it would be cool if you could buy your own houses with like 5 car garage. it would also be cool if you could customize your main character. and having a better selection of cloting to buy and wear. having a touch screen phone. and having a bigger selection of building that your able to go in. bein able to do more activities like going to the movies. more seasonal changes. being able to put your own music on the radio.

    • Jedbarrell

      yea like gta san andreas you actually have like 20 different clothing stores and a list of clothing too and also theres cjs jeans and vest (easter egg) but there should be england like londojn and that and clothing stores like NEXT and stuff and actually industrial estates with loads of shops like in gta sa

  21. gtafreak123

    i want to see the customazation like they had in San Andreas but with GTA 4 graphics. season changes with seasonal clothes to buy and garages u can buy seasonal tires and stuff for your vehicle. cars breaking down, needing to have fuel, custom wepons, distant islands that u have to fly to and u dont have to buy a ticket you can fly there yourself

  22. i think they need to do a story mode about character in a gang in Detroit or based it on Detroit and the online u should be able to rob stores nd buy cloths out of it if the next gta is not in in the 313 then back to miami

  23. Destis5445

    And i forgot to mention creating this game in a different country could cause heavy controversy. Think about that!

  24. they should bring back tattoos, barber shops, a gym, a car shop, like san andreas except just 100x better. seasonal changes would be badass but I think it would be better if you can't create a guy, its better to have 1 main character already created. whenever gta 5 comes out im buying it

    • Jedbarrell

      yer AND real car names like the infernuss= lambogini and you can buy a lambogini for like $30,000 and like sell it for $45,000 lol and icy roads when it snows! and pot holes in the road that send you flying and also you can also customize your motorbike in modding garages and like put flames on them

  25. Austin-waffles

    I think the new GTA should have you make a character for both sexes and have the ability to make your own cars to make giant monster trucks and little go carts and go form one of the main cities and lead off into other ones and once you beat it you should be able to go from city to city. and it should still have online gameplay to play with other people but with more games, like a free mode that you can actually kill people with guns instead of just shooting with nothing happening. and you should be talking missions from the past characters like Nicco, Bruci, Toni, CJ, and Packie

    • Austin-waffles

      I forgot seasonal changes that would be awesome shooting a person and seeing the bloody snow.

    • Jedbarrell

      i think you should play as packie and you are in somewere like london or SanAndreas coz in the ballad of gay tony at the end packie gets on the plane to sanandreas…….so i think it should be that but i get really annoyed with the cops so instead of cops shooting you on 2 stars (unreal) they should shoot you on 3 stars to make it more fun

  26. the sweet

    they should make a gta where you can make your own dude and have real cars like midnight club and be able to trick them out and also better fighting styles like true crime

  27. Alan Atilano

    i would like it to take place in mexico because of what is happening down their with all the drugs murders stuff like that

  28. Lilkraca101

    i would like to see completely new weapons nd better gun sounds the last ones sound horribal and also new cars sounds truck and cars that you can modify put mud tires exhaust something real lift kits also a ittle more freedom when it comes to exploring and going to stores more clothes and not jus shooting things blowing up cars too also the most out of it al when u get arrested u go to jail and u have to escape and u can choose your path of life

  29. SEASONAL CHANGES!!!!! thats amazing it would be crazy to play gta in snow great idea man. also how about more access to public buildings, stores, the mall, stuff like that. just think of goining into a building like a store and robbing it at gun point, or just go crazy killing everyone. or go into a government building and visit those politicans u hate hahaha. i would like to see some intence missons too like breaking someone out of prison or u have to escape from prison. also i would like to see characters from the whole gta series linked together somehow it would be pretty cool to see everyone. maybe being able to customize ur character also

    • yo thatt would be awesome. but that would b better if it incooperated with someone above saying that it should be GTA 50 States. becausee their all in different areas. and they all come together for one cause. CJ is already used to the casino game. he can bring that to miami and open up their with the other people. then everyone from gta can bring all the mafia members they know as protection

  30. I want it to be another gangsta game this time. and the location a be new and comletely different, something we havnt seen yet.. nd the ability to costomize cars. nd other special abilities like buying furniture for ur house n stuff.. if the game contains things like these.. then it will probably be the best gta yet..

  31. evanthegamingjuggalo

    as long as you can burn everything you can see, car customization, better girlfriends, and better character customization, ill be goog

  32. I think the midwest would b cool but what about takng place in like say…. europe? lol. they gota make it so the seasons change.. and tornadoes. and maybe a ferry crossing with a running ferry? or the floating casino. but they have to add planes and more interstate with small towns

  33. Antony1197

    GTA has to go back to san andreas with better graphics and a new storyline also bring back carl and make it so you could fly to other citys like liberty city and vice city and last we need a whole bunch of new weapons and cars that would be the perfect gta and calling it gta5 that would be wicked.

  34. Zsanders30

    i think it should be set in New Orleans since we do have the highest crime rate and is the murder capitol of the US

  35. Xxcyylonexx

    please! i will be so exited if they accounce it. it would be my most anticipated game of this year. im already exited for fable 3, fallout NV, halo reach but GTA 5 would top them all

  36. i dont know if it will happen but i think its packi in san andreas. look at the clues:
    1) the liberty city its over ad at the back of the episodes from liberty city manual. in the corner it has a forest mountain scene. like mount chiliad. people who say its the corner of a poster from vice city are digging too deep.
    2) during the end credits of tbogt you can see packi leaving liberty city on a plane with all the stolen money from the bank.

  37. They should do GTA 5 in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Bourbon Street, Casinos, Corrupt Politicians, and it would include a major city.

    • ummm they said liberty city is done…new york is liberty city in gta 3, gta 4, gta tlad, and gta tbogt

  38. I want to see a continued story to GTA IV. I know it would be hard considering there are two different endings but maybe they can do something like episodes from liberty city except it would be for deal or revenge endings. I would really want to see Niko, Little Jacob, Packie, Roman/Kate, and Mallorie return. Mallorie became pregnant in both endings so I'd like to see how they would tie the new son/daughter into the game… The child could get some skills from uncle Niko and become a future killer.

    • What would be the purpose of that? Theres really nothing to continue from that game. Niko got his revenge and has no more enemies.

      • Jedbarrell

        yer liberty city has been in 7 gta games including chinatown wars! its too much SA would be good with a snowy san fiero and cj is on the news on the radio sometimes, and its all in gta iv graphics, i thinc it should be Gta V or GTA Episodes from Sanandreas or Sanandreas stories!

  39. kingster

    I think it should do another gang one with cheats like riot and stuff because there wasn't much to do after beating gta 4

  40. the trench

    the next gta should kinda be like midnight club la and you should bring flyable airplanes back

  41. I think it's going to be London. It's got all the elements that Liberty city does. Large city scapes, lots of gritty streets, and the underground subway system. You would have cars,trains,subway,helicopters,jets and lots of area to roam in. There are all types of people from other countries, not to mention Irish, and Scottish factions.

    I could see the game after that being set in France. all the same game elements as London, and you could
    Take the player for missions to Spain and Germany as well.

  42. rob humphries

    GTA needs to come to europe!!! i live in ireland an how bad ass would a gta game be if it was set in ireland!!!! would be epic…. they did gta london way back in the day… it is time to bring it to ireland!!!

    • sounds good but what about something like Biloxi Mississippi. it has crime, and casinos. its got nice rich areas and slum towns. nothing like the small cities with crime and drugs.

      • Jedbarrell

        yer or another london?
        but in the next gta it should have deer that run out infront of your car and if its another sanandreas in angel pine there should be bears like in red dead redemption!
        And cops should have guns on 3 stars instead of 2 and if a cop tackles you you need to press CIRCLE as much as you can to punch the cop off!

    • I recently visited Rockstar’s San Diego HQ with a friend who works there, and I was allowed to see GTA V information! They will be revealing this all next month at E3 anyway, but I HAD to tell someone, you know that urge to just tell someone a secret? I didn’t want to tell my friends because two of them are journalists and they would publish this instantly and I’d get in trouble and my Rockstar friend could lose his job, and this forum seemed relatively small so I figured there’d be no harm in posting this comment to some people online who won’t tell anyone probably. But yeah my friend introduced me to some people at his office, and they showed me the stuff they’d be publicising next month on June 16th at E3. They said the announcement trailer is currently in the works, and when I asked to see how it’s looking so far they laughed and said “No frikking way dude”. But they said they’d give me some harmless info and show me a few screens that will also be released with the trailer on the 16th.
      I was told that instead of just normaly roads, there will be normal roads and also sky roads. The normal roads will have old normal engine powered cars, and some hover cars, for the people who are too poor to afford the futuristic flying cars. Then there will be sky ways (think the fifth element, yes ironic since its the fifth generation of GTA) of flying cars driving on invisible roads. It sounds like it would be very chaotic with flying cars everywhere, but rockstar never fails us. There will also be supersonic aircraft, and huge scyscrapers. The city will be call Nu-Atlantis, because its an island in the middle of the sea, but a very big island. They said it would be 1.8 times the size of the world in Red Dead Redemption, and that they have been making the game world since April 2008. The game world will be a very gritty, corrupt city, made up of huge corporate skyscrapers made entirely of steel and glass, extending to the citys lower levels and suburban slums, where there will be black market type areas and dark alleys where the forgotten and the homeless dwell. The majority of the police force will be corrupt, basically working for the corporations, favouring the rich and powerful and walking all over the poor and helpless. There will be monorail lines that extend across the whole city, but you can only travel to other districts by playing trough the storyline, as is common in rockstar sandbox games. The wanted system will incorporate the opportnities to bribe policemen, or to kill/bribe witnesses, although I was told due to the sheer amount of people that will be on screen at any time it will be hard to find a time where killing a witness would serve a purpose.
      The player will play as a character called Nick Tallon, an ex-cop who was thrown of the force after refusing to bow down to a corrupt organisation known as RanonCorp., who offered him a large bribe to turn a blind eye to their black market dealings. Nick did not know of the deal between the police force and RanonCorp, so when he refused their bribe, he was breaking a long standing deal that stood between the two. After Nick single handedly arrested the organisations co-exectuive after catching him in a back alley deal, the police force let the co-exec go free, and took away Nick’s badge. That same night RanonCorp sent their own goons to come and kill him. This is where the player will start controlling Nick, when he is waking up bloody and bruised in a back alley in the slums.
      The usual Rockstar type story will ensue, swearing revenge, building up power and allies and money, until you have the resources and connections to get revenge on the people who put you in that situation.
      I saw 6 screens of the game, and I have to say it looks fucking amazing. One screen was off Nick Talon chasing down a kind of steam-punk thug type looking guy through a grimey looking market street. Upon close inspection you could see items that were being sold on the stalls, from multicoloured fruits and vegetables on one stall, to bottles of alcohol with rockstars typical spoof labels, like a mock up of budweiser saying nonethewiser.
      The second screen showed Nick shooting a pistol at a flash looking business man while standing on the edge of a relatively small building, and get this guys… thats right, it was a laser gun, shooting a white glowing kind of long bullet, like a ray but not a laser beam, just a short beam of white light. The ray was not penetrating the man in the picture I saw, it was just about to hit him. In the background you could see the skyline of the skyscrapers and the skyways of flying cars. It looked so cool! The tallest building I could see honestly looked about twice as tall as the Rotterdam building in GTA IV, but the same width, with purple and green lights running up its side.
      The third screen showed Nick on a futuristic looking white pointy speed boat, driving towards a huge cruise liner out in the ocean. It wasn’t like any ocean liner I’d seen before, with a huge pointy bnit at the front and a round hovercraft looking back to it, and many stories of windows on it. The water looked slightly better than in GTA IV but nothing amazing.
      The fourth screen showed Nick driving a flying green people carrier type looking car along one of the skyways of cars in the higher levels of the city, and I could see a large variety of flying cars flying through the sky. I even noticed a flying version of the infernus from previous GTAs, which made me chuckle a little!
      The fifth screen was one of Nick in a hovercar, not the flying ones that can ride the skylines, but one that just floats a few inches above the ground at street level. I got a good view of what the lower levels of the city were like, dark, gritty, over populated. It looked like there were about just under 100 people on screen in the picture, and there were bright neon lights hanging outside of all the shops I could see, as well as brightly lit street lamps. I even saw what looked like a policeman, with a white helmet on with a glass visor, and also wearing a sky blue shirt with with golden shoulder platers. But he might not have been a policeman, maybe just someone wearing a helmet.
      The last screen was definitely the coolest looking in my opinion, it showed Nick climbing up of a huge mast kind of thing, it looked like a massive wireless network broadcaster or something, but he was hundreds of feet high, and you could see alot of small buildings below and streets with faint white and red lights (the backs and fronts of cars). It looks great.
      From the screens I’d say Tony looks like an Italian looking person, he’s just an average Caucasian male, with short black hair with like a little quiff, and with average dress, the fashion didn’t look too outrageous, just a black long shiny jacket with a grey turtle neck top (kind of), and dark blue jeans with white shoes. I didn’t really like the way he looked, but I was assured that the game is still recieving changes and touch-ups.
      I was told we can expect the game in Fall 2010. the game was originally intended for summer 2010, but after GTA IV’s DLC and Red Dead Redemption, they decided to delay its release to allow them more time to perfect it. I wasn’t told anything about multiplayer, the source didn’t know anything about it, but they said rockstar confirmed there definitely will be multiplayer.
      I myself can not fucking wait for this game, December 2010 is so long away. But I hope whoever reads this wil be content with this information until next month ,and will be happy in the knowledge that they are one of the few people of the public who know these amazing details. And I dont care if people don’t believe me, at the end of the day all I wanted was to tell people to get the secret off of my chest, if you don’t believe me, it’s not gonna change how I feel.
      Good Day

      • Antony1197


        • the game guy

          they should pair with Microsoft. To get the entire world to ride around in. Like flight simulator X. And they should add new planes. cars. helicopters, and boats. like going on a cruse ship. Or riding a train.

      • Jedbarrell

        flying cars !!! lol i hope its a good game, sounds like gta 20 to me gta v will be good but surley they cant just jump from cars to hovervehicles

      • Hahahahh too much fantasy kid!! Lol. I seriously would not buy a game like that. The reason y I play gta is because it seems realistic, and I can brake the rules. I think you spent all that time writing this, but only someone stupid would believe that!!! Hahahahhahaha.

        • Are you dumb though…. Have you never played GTA 2, all of the cars are hover cars. And yes, I was wrong about the E3 announcement, I guess they will just announce it at 2011 E3. The eyes don't lie though.

  43. scottieTHEhottie

    I was always hoping for a chicago, but I agree that they should do interstate now. I imagine the game to be pretty big if they did it, but supposedly PS3 still has unlocked potential. Not that you'd only be able to drive through these cities, and go state to state. They need to bring back airplanes and tanks and even the rocket back. lol.

    • Jedbarrell

      oh yea planes were wikid, and like theres one plane were you can go 1500mph like a blackbird plane and if you press L2 you can drop a huge bomb!!! and they should bring back parachutes and if you jump and press SQUARE + hold the analog stick forward, ypu can flip! lol
      also graffitti and you use L3 (analog) to move the can and spray!! and your grafitti stays!

  44. im sure that be all good detriot kansas need move off the contient into central europe or japan china were ever or if rockstar cant do that do anthour san andreas with gta 4 graphics take in whole cali you could get tattooed hair cuts customs cars this what i want to see from the 5th edition..

    • i like idea but no japan or china… France and Paris like cities. but if it was japan then there would be the language problem there. the cities signs and stuff.

  45. me personally i think gta 5 need a new location what about russia or spain give us something new is like rock star only like miami ny or la i think is time they switch it up.

  46. I think rockstar should do another multicitied game . san andreas was great they did new york , miami , the entire state of california , and went right back to a new…. new york . rockstar should show some love to the midwest . I think they should do Grand theft auto and base it of of Chicago , St Louis , And Kansas City . Three major cities in the heartland all three in real life have high crime rates . Incorporate all three cities with an interstate with small towns in between and they should definately throw in a river boat casino that travels to all three cities while you gamble . add in some severe midwest weather …… tornadoes anyone ????? that would be sweet

    • Yeah, Chicago would be great. You can have a bunch of corrupt politicians as the main villains.
      I wouldn't mind a return to San Andreas, as was hinted at in a teaser pic of Nico 's plane ticket to San Andreas. But update and improve it the same way they did Liberty City, and leave all the space between the 3 cities there to roam in as well.

  47. Detroit city would be amazing, run around in old abandoned factories. I'm not to familiar with the criminal history of Detroit but i'm sure it could be done.

  48. Rockstar should do something completely different in terms of location. Like a gritty Detroit-type city, Chicago-type city, or something along the lines of a murder capital map. People emphasize on New York too much. Change it up.

    • I think that they should choose a city that has never been done ever in any video game. i would like to see it in … hmmm.. maybe a small but not to small city like mobile Alabama. i know there are not that many crimes in mobile but if you compare it to the fictional city of vice city ( IN GAME PLAY OF COURSE ) it really isn't that bad unless you do the mission then it will. but mobile in real life its just like vice city or liberty city in game play. not much happens when playing gta. but there actually is alot more stuff happens in mobile Alabama than in the fictional cities of gta. in mobile there are crimes committed like random bar fights, car wrecks, and a few bank robberies. overall it should be in mobile or a city like it.

  49. They need to do SOMETHING to “make amends” for the GTA 4 crap. All they did was make GTA 4 pretty to look at. They took out everything that made the previous games FUN! No property aquisitions, no driving or shooting skills, no maintaining health as in San Andreas (I.E. working out, eating), NO change in scenery (all a jumbled up crap city, sorry but New York is just shit), The story was almost un-followable, the radio stations were GOD AWFUL, and NO PARACHUTES!!! Give me Vice City and/or San Andreas back! I dont care so much about the graphics if the game is boring to play! I just started playing through Vice City (again) last night because it is just so much more entertaining. I tired a few weeks ago to play GTA4 again and only got like 10 missions into it before I said “f-it”. Please Rockstar, I beg you to bring back the brilliance that made The previous games such ground breaking games!

  50. hey they need to make liberty city , vice city , and san andreas all put together cuz in san andreas u fly a plane to liberty city in a mission in san andreas so what if the game has to load every once i little while with weather conditions

  51. Well I Think GTA V Should have climate changes like snow and all that like how they teased us in san andreas with snow in liberty city i also belive they shold bring bake vehicle customization and make ur guy how ever u want and offer multiple storylines

  52. well i agree with what luis says you should do all thos things army to come back fly planes and travel to san andreas vice city and librety city or even make a total diffrent location and travel back by plane to those locations i mentioned by purchasing a ticket or flying there your self :)

  53. gon69perez

    Tener novia yo quiero un GTA en el que se Pueda viajar por todo el mundo, comprar casas, clubes Controlar, y ser uno de los mas ricos de la ciudad y tambien inculir las cosas q tiene GTA IV.
    Sería un pedazo de juego

  54. It will be kept secret until mid 2010. Look for the next GTA game to include ice and snow, which it has never had before. Most likely taking place in CARCER CITY.

  55. it should be made in mexico city… that would be intersting… all the criminals and the drungs and all of that mexican stuff..and they should put a mexican radio station…

  56. u should have the ability to travel to each city like liberty city, san andreas, and vice city!!!!!!!!!!!! also have the ability to get a girlfriend and go dates and stuff.

  57. game master

    really rockstar if you look at your statistics san andreas was the best gta ever evryone in the world would buy it if you made a series for it like san andreas 2 or san andreas vice city something because the ending wasnt dat good and i wnt to see in the new gta that u can customize your gang colour and i thank you

  58. In multiplayer, if you leave the game you loose money and go down in rank. So many people start a game and don’t finish. xbox360

  59. I want rockstar to bring the military back so we can drive tanks and stuff. I also want to be able to fly planes again.

  60. i want to see seasonal changes, and gta 4 was missing something BIG in my opinion. and that was that it in no way connected itself to the previous gta titles. there were no recurring characters, and the entire rebuild of liberty city wasn’t at all discussed in game. it just seems like they were trying to redo a next gen gta 3. also it was missing all the side missions from san andreas.

  61. Mr. Jefferson

    What do you mean “rumor”? If you’re gonna make up a rumor at least put some effort into it.

    There used to be a time where people would at least post an architectural render or a quote from some overpaid analyst to go along with it…

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