Dating has escaped me over the years but I still find this app interesting.  Sort of like Googling a person before a first date, DateCheck is your mobile security checkpoint to see if your potential hook-up is an epic dirtbag or not.

Designed and created by an information commerce company titled Intelius you can use someone’s email, name or phone number and can see: if your date has a criminal history, owns real estate, is living with someone they forgot to mention, or they have a penchant for crotch itching STD’s (just kidding on that last part).

I ran my phone number and while my name was listed, no other information was displayed.  I think this app needs a lot of work to be actually useful, but it may be fun to futz around with for a minute.

The app is free right now in the App Store.  Let us know what you think!


Jeff B