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If you’re part of the iPhone crowd, heck even the smartphone crowd then you’ve been caught behind the wheel of your car trying to fumble through your apps to score the latest updates from friends on Facebook, find directions to the nearest Chipotle or stream a podcast.  The only problem is that this kind of activity can be dangerous and cause an accident.

Enter Aha radio.  It’s a free application that brings all these apps, and many more, into one application and converts them to a driving friendly format.  For instance, you can hear your friends Facebook update as oppose to read them, as well as post an audible update to your wall.  Or you can hear near by traffic jams and even add your very own traffic updates, which are reviewed and posted to the Aha app, a sort of crowd sourced traffic system.  And of course you can listen to your phone’s stored music as well as access some sort of odd ball Caraoke (I didn’t spell it wrong) channel, that can record Aha users singing in their car – scary.

The Aha app is available now for free.

For a complete run down of the app hit the below video

New Aha Radio iPhone App Turns Web Content into Interactive, Personalized Radio Stations for Drivers

Hear Everything From Personalized Traffic Reports to Facebook Updates While Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

PALO ALTO, California – February 25, 2010– Aha Mobile Inc., (http://www.ahamobile.com) the company with a backend platform that safely keeps drivers connected to the Web and each other, today announced a new free iPhone App: Aha Radio. Aha Radio answers drivers’ important questions, such as “what is traffic like up ahead?” and entertains them with everything from Facebook updates to their favorite podcasts. With Aha Radio, the things you want to know while driving are read aloud and organized like pre-set radio stations, letting you listen in while keeping your eyes on the road. Aha Radio is the first iPhone App that creates on-demand audio stations based on your preferences, location and driving direction. The app is now available for free in the iTunes store.

“We are at the dawn of the totally connected car, and the challenge for auto manufacturers and app developers is to figure out how to provide consumers with the information that they want and need without compromising their safety and the safety of others,” said Sven Beiker, Executive Director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford. “Interface designers must consider the limits of the human brain’s ability to process visual data. Since driving already requires a large amount of visual processing, it is important that other means of communication are considered when designing information systems for drivers.”

Aha Radio is easy to customize. Before you head out for the first time with Aha, select your preferred audio stations from choices such as “Nearby Traffic”, “Hungry”, “Facebook”, top podcasts, Twitter lists, or even “Jokes”. Adjust your settings to get just the information you care about, and arrange your stations in any order. After that, getting your questions answered while you drive is as easy as tapping on a pre-set radio station icon. Here are a few Aha Radio stations to choose from:

Nearby Traffic: Wondering what traffic is like two miles up the road, at the next exit or on an approaching highway? Nearby Traffic gives you an instant traffic report based on your current location. Aha creates this report using data from best-in-class third party traffic providers like Inrix and Clear Channel, and from voice notes left by other drivers near you. Tap the microphone icon to share a 15-second “Shout” about the road you’re on and help other drivers nearby.

My Traffic: During your first-time set up, use Settings to tell Aha which roads you care about, such as your daily commute, then tap the My Traffic button to get an instant traffic report on those specific roads.

Facebook: Tempted to check Facebook while you’re in traffic? Unsafe! Tap your Facebook station and Aha will read aloud your friend’s status updates. Aha filters out game updates, media item posts, and long Web addresses so you can just hear what your friends are up to. You can even post an Aha voice note to your wall for friends to hear.

Community Stations, or “the new CB Radio”: Bored in traffic and want to let loose your inner Idol? Tune into the “Caraoke” station to hear your fellow drivers sing along to the radio, then tap the mic and leave your own song clip for the whole world to hear. Or, tune into the “Jokes,” “Rants,” or other community stations for a laugh.

Twitter Lists: Want to keep track of what sports stars, TV show actors, or other celebrities are tweeting? Just select their Twitter station in Aha and hear their latest updates read to you.

Hungry: Want to stop for a bite to eat? The “Hungry” channel tells you about restaurants you might like that are coming up ahead. Only want to hear about sushi restaurants with average Yelp reviews of four stars or more? Do your kids like specific chains? Aha pre-filters the results based on your preferences, prioritizes them based on proximity to you, and describes their location so you can tell where they are. Tap the phone or map icon to put in a call or get a route.

Podcasts: Aha Radio gives you one-touch access to the current version of popular podcasts like Fox News’ hourly updates and NPR’s “Fresh Air” so drivers can get instant access, without having to sync their device. See break lights up ahead while listening? With one touch, interrupt your podcast to get a live traffic report, then continue listening to the podcast where you left off.

“Drivers want to access the same web content that they get outside of their cars, but need to be able to do so safely,” said Robert Acker, CEO of Aha Mobile.  “With the Aha Radio app, we make it easy and safe for you to be both informed and entertained. Now you can do things like listen to a news report, hear a personalized traffic update, or listen to your Facebook feed, all as easily as listening to the radio.”

The Aha App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone or at http://www.itunes.com/appstore/

For more information about Aha please visit http://www.ahamobile.com

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About Aha Mobile, Inc.
Aha Mobile Inc. has developed a backend platform that safely connects drivers to the Web and each other with personalized, interactive radio stations. The Aha platform takes the information you care about from the web and other drivers, filters it based on your location and preferences, then converts it into audio stations so you can simply listen in as you drive. Aha also lets you record and share 15-second geo-tagged comments for other drivers. With Aha, drivers access the information they need audibly, rather than visually, and keep their eyes on the road.

Aha’s free iPhone application, “Aha Radio,” Is available on iTunes. The company is also working with multiple consumer electronic and automotive manufacturers to integrate Aha stations into their products and provide an even more integrated automotive experience.

Founded in 2008 and based in Palo Alto, CA, Aha is backed by Venrock and led by a team of executives with nearly four decades of experience developing automotive, consumer, and location-based services applications

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