Spokeless Bike

I’ve been seeing pics of this spokeless rear wheel bicycle all week, and now I’m conceding and posting on it.  That isn’t to say it isn’t cool as shit, though, because it totally is. It reminds me of the Hubless Chopper (as in motorcycle) that we saw last year.

The bike was built by some Yale students for their mechanical design class.  As you can see it has 2 cranks as opposed to one.  The back wheel’s gear attaches to the rear wheel’s inner rim, unlike a conventional bike whose gear attaches to a hub mounted on the center of the rear wheel.

Being a biker I have to question the energy loss that occurs from having two cranks and pushing from the inside of the rim as opposed to the center of the wheel.   Regardless of any riding inefficiencies, it’s a sick looking piece of kit and would surely turn heads at Venice beach.


Christen Costa

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