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Smash Guitars Are 100 Percent Recyclable

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I really don’t understand this product.  The Japanese made Smash Guitars are cheap instruments that are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials beckoning the question, if you care that little about your guitar to smash it why would you care enough to send the broken pieces back to the company to...

EzGear Travel Outlet

ezSpace Surge2Go Portable Power Strip From ezGear


Traveling with a bunch of computer gear can be a pain.  Surfacing as one of the only travel surge protectors I’ve seen, the ezSpace Surge2Go Portable Power Strip From ezGear could be just what the gear head on the go is looking for. Featuring 3 appropriately spaced outlets and a...


Nooka Asset Organizer Wallet Doubles As A Chew Toy


I always like posts about weird and unconventional wallets.  This is definitely one of those.  I heard a tip somewhere that if you wrap a rubber band around your wallet that it’s less likely to fall out of your pocket.  Taking a hint from that age old proverb, the Asset...


V-Moda Remix Remote EarPhones For All Your Mac Stuff

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Having yet to actually enjoy a pair of V-Moda earphones, the new Remix Remote’s look like they might be worth checking out.  Designed for use with all things Mac, (iPhones, iPods, and iMac, Powerbooks, etc.) the Remix Remote’s feature a built-in mic and handy volume and track controls. Using 9mm...


Spray-On Anti-Ice Slip Shoe Spray


For those of you in the North East getting pounded this winter by an array of unflinching snow storms, you might want to consider having a can of this Spray-On Anti-Ice Slip Shoe Spray handy. Safe for carpets and other types of flooring and shoe soles, all you have to...


KidZoom Plus Digital Camera For Kids From Vtech

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Making it easy for kids to get into digital photography, the KidZoom Plus Digital Camera is a great way to get them started.  The internal memory of 256mb’s can be upgraded to 2GB’s through the SD card slot and the camera also shoots movies and has games. The camera also...

i-tab shot 1a

i-Tab: A Guitar Player’s Best Friend


The i-Tab is a totally unique and innovative for guitarists of virtually any skill level.  Sitting atop the neck of your guitar like a parrot to the pirate, the i-Tab’s 5-inch color touchscreen feeds you legal tabs, chords, lyrics, and video lessons on the fly. The i-Tab comes packed with...

Sharkoon Rush Outplay Gaming Mousepad

Rush Outplay: A Waterproof Mousepad


Here’s a good way to market a mouse pad: make it waterproof.  The Rush Outplay gaming mouse pad is resistant to water and food stains, and according to the maker, Sharkoon, offers exceptional precision gaming thanks to the “tightly woven fibers and an elaborate manufacturing process”. The Rush Outplay is...

Poop Vacuum Cleaner

Pet Poop Vacuum Cleaner


I’m all for mitigating one’s risk when it comes to picking up pet poop.  The Pet Pooch Power System sports the form factor of a weed wacker, but using the power of vacuum technology sucks up your dogs manure and whisks it directly into a bag.  The onboard rechargeable battery...