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LG Mini GD880

LG Mini GD880 Officially Unleashed, Price Still TBD


The touchscreen smartphone ship sailed sometime ago for me – I’m an iPhone user – but for those of you that still havent’ signed onto a fingertip/stylus friendly handset, you might want to consider the small and friendly LG Mini GD880.  Yesterday, the phone got fully officialy.  From a spec...


Technocel PowerPak USB Battery Review

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Charging your devices has really become quite the industry of its own these days.  Countless companies are offering countless chargers as the list of consumer options grows on and on.  The Technocel PowerPak is a small and lightweight USB charger that ultimately falls flat because it fails to do what...


Wasabi Smelling Fire Alarm For The Deaf


I hate to say this, but the one benefit of being hearing impaired is not having to deal with the searing sounds of a household fire alarm.  I guess being burned in a fire is worse, but I was just referring to when the batteries need changing. A Japanese company...


Wakaru Sheet Cloth Calculator


Letting you either eliminate your dish cloth or your kitchen counter calculator, this odd combination gadget is sure to have fools WTF’ing all over the place.  Available in a myriad of different colors and patterns this could be a cutesy type of gift for Mother’s Day. Pragmatically speaking, I didn’t...


Jimi Hendrix Rock Band Announced (update)


In what would have seemed like an obvious choice at the dawn of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band revolution, a Jimi Hendrix Rock Band edition will make its way to consoles by the end of 2010.  In a recent interview in the LA times, Jimi’s step-sister, Janie Hendrix expressed that the...