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lego-alarm clocks

Giant Lego Star Wars Figurine Alarm Clock

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As we stated many times before there is no end in sight to the Star Wars paraphernalia, even 30+ after the first movie came out.  What we’ve got here are over sized (8-inches) Star Wars Lego figurines with an alarm clock packed inside their chest....

USB HDTV Antenna

USB HDTV Receiver For Your PC


From the catalogs of Hammacher Schlemmer comes the HD USB Antenna for your PC.  With it, you can effectively receive and record local HDTV broadcasts.  The antenna and the ATSC Tuner supports up to 1920 X 1080 resolutions and you can also receive FM radio stations. Software is also included...


Firefly: A Uniquely Smart Bike Light


The Firefly light rethinks the rear bike light and adds additional safety to the already popular illumination tool. Instead of just flashing red, the Firefly uses infrared sensors to detect when there is an approaching vehicle and not only increases its intensity but distributes light onto the rider’s back.  Additionally,...


Workaholic Book Pillow


Slipping a pillow into your work space will probably get the boss’ unwanted attention.  Slipping the Workaholic Pillow into your reading stack on the other hand, will go unnoticed, that is until you’re caught taking a nap under your desk. You can grab one for $62. Read...