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Plasma Cleaner

Plasma TV Tech Will Soon Sanitize Your Hands

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It’s no secret that super bacteria strains have emerged due to all the anti-germ sprays and soaps that we use.  So what’s a hospital chalked full of bacteria supposed to do?  Simple, murder those pesky bacteria critters with plasma gas boxes.  Say what?  Contrary to the Dune box of pain,...

Zip Shot Tripod

ZipShot Tripod By Tamrac


In what must be the most portable full size tripod available, the ZipShot Tripod is also an undeniable design achievement.  Weighing only 11 ounces and capable of downsizing to just 15 inches, the ZipShot Tripod aluminum legs unfold to form a 44-inch tall camera mount platform for the metal ball...


Princeton Mini Projector: The Toyjector


What could possible be the cutest thing you own minus the Hello Kitty toilet seat comes the Toyjector from Princeton.  Not being one of those words that rolls off the tongue, the baby little Toyjector displays images with a resolution of 300 x 224 (QVGA), a contrast ratio of 100:1,...

Windows Mobile 7

Offical: Windows Mobile 7 (video)


Today, at World Mobile Congress, Microsoft finally got official about Windows Mobile 7.  The UI has been completely refreshed and integrates a wide array of apps directly into the OS, something Microsoft is calling ‘the hub’.  For instance, you can updates all of your social networking sites with a a...


HuBox USB Hub And Storage Container


I have a Belkin USB Hub that is kind of like this one.  Combining a small storage box with a USB hub and a card reader is exactly what this is.  Good for keeping memory cards and other small gadgets out of eye sight, the USB hub called HuBox, has...


Put Your Wii On A Pedestal

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Gaming clutter – it totally happens.  Designed for small spaces the Wii Pedestal Base is constructed from a high quality 3/16” clear acrylic mold, and could be the answer for those looking to tidy up their gaming zone. Capable of holding up to 7 games, the Wii console, and a...