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Magic Weather Forecaster from Oregon Scientific


Taking a different approach to personal weather monitoring, the Oregon Scientific Magic Weather Forecaster uses familiar symbols to express what’s going on outside.  Displaying the symbols through a transparent glass it also shows the current time, ambient weather, and local reports on the bright LCD at the bottom of the...


The Pin Clock


Straight off the set of the new Hellraiser movie comes this killer looking Pin Clock.  Though it has no alarm or any other features of note, it will surely mesmerize you one minute at a time just by the way it changes each digit. Working exactly the way you think...

Corky Mouse

Corky: A Self Powered Mouse

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Don’t be fooled by Corky’s soft exterior, this mouse means business, self charging business.  Scrolling, clicking and moving Corky activates its piezoelectric elements generating enough energy to charge itself.  We’ve seen this tech in floors before, but never in a mouse.  Come to think of it a keyboard would be...

Neon Green Soular Bag

Neon Green’s Soular Bags Feed Our Eco Carrying Needs


The jury is still out on the whole solar bag thing.  Generally speaking photovoltaic technology is still not advanced enough, or efficient, to produce any real usable power, unless of course you’re in a pinch and need some juice to make an emergency phone. Pessimism aside, Neon Green’s Soular Power...

isuppli iPad cost estimates

iSuppli: Apple 16GB iPad Costs $230 To Build


A few days ago – or perhaps it was yesterday, in any case – speculations emerged that Apple has a ton of flexibility on retail price when it comes to the iPad.  Something to do with if people don’t buy it or following suit of iPhone with the $200 price...