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Bahem Storage System

The Bahem Clutter Free Storage Table From HotSnow


My roommate absolutely loathes clutter with an undying eternal passion.  To help him with that constant anxiety is the Bahem (sounds like a clear your throat noise, probably intended) Clutter Free Storage Table from HotSnow. Looking an sounding like an IKEA product, the Bahem effectively “pseudo”  hides everything but the...


DateCheck iPhone/Android App Digs Up Dirt For You


Dating has escaped me over the years but I still find this app interesting.  Sort of like Googling a person before a first date, DateCheck is your mobile security checkpoint to see if your potential hook-up is an epic dirtbag or not. Designed and created by an information commerce company...

Ice Ball Mold

Ice Ball Mold Makes Spherical Ice Cubes (video)

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Do you like your Whiskey on the rocks? If so, then you might be interested in the Ice Ball Mold.  According to folk lore, and some serious drinkers, the spherical piece of ice melts more slowly then cubes due to their smaller surface area, which means cooler drinks for longer...


Xbox Dead: MicroSoft Abandoning Xbox Live For Original Xbox

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While they haven’t been releasing any new Xbox games for quite some time now, Microsoft has finally decided to pull the plug on the online service for the big black box.  As of April 15th, Xbox Live will be unavailable on the original Xbox. What this means is that you’d...

zoomit sd card

zoomIT SD Card Adapter Brings SD Storage To The iPhone


Consider me sold!  The Zoommediaplus iPhone (or iPod Touch) accessory, the zoomIT SD, let’s you access your SD card’s contents right on your iPhone.  Just plug the tiny, pocket sized device into your iPhone’s 30 pin connector and whamo, you can play music, video, photos and any file that is...


Why Haven’t We Seen This Before?: Game Controller T-Shirt


Whatever game this is actually controlling, it’s definitely not for the kiddies.  Only available from some Russian T-Shirt site called MaryJane, you can choose from a bunch of colors.  $42 might seem a bit steep, but considering the application it may be well worth it.  Would it have the same...

Wrist Mounted Cell Phone Carrier

Wrist Slinging Cell Phone Carrier


In the days of the Wild Wild West it was imperative that you had a wrist mounted gun.  Fast forward to today and gun slinging ain’t the means of survival, but how fast you can adhere your cell phone to your head. The Wrist Cell Phone Carrier pretty much sums...

ThisIsIt Hard Drive

Michael Jackson “This Is It” Gold Hard Drive


Due to release later this month, The Limited Edition Michael Jackson “This Is It” Hard Drive by Samsung is the perfect way to celebrate the legacy of the late great one.  The 500GB hard drive will contain a DRM protected version of the recently released MJ film “This Is It”. ...

Lego iPhone Steering Wheel (video)


[GR]DCBqANxhBGM[/GR] Forget all those expensive iPhone peripherals, like Posimotion’s Helix, especially when you can hack together your own using Lego.  This guys even went as far as to utilize Lego’s gears and a mini steering wheel.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look all that accurate but you gotta give him some serious...