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Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply Doesn’t Seem Legal

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I’m having a hard time swallowing the reality of this product, but if it’s real then sign me up for a trial run.  The Oxyfit Mobile Oxygen Supply is essentially a portable oxygen machine that provides you with an increased dose of oxygen during exercise or whenever you feel like...

Samson XP5101i And XP40iw

Samson Announces XP5101i And XP40iw Music Systems


Today, Samson added two new speaker systems to their line up. First up is the XP40iw (pictured).  It’s completely wireless and includes a built-in rechargeable battery, a wireless mic system, iPod dock and an integrated stand.  It should be perfect for entertaining a small party on the go or any...

Android Figurines

Android Figurines: Show Off Your Devotion To Google


Your allegiance to Android is growing ever boring, especially seeing as you have to whip out your phone to show off your devotion to the mobile OS.  If the case is such then you’ll be pleased with artist Andrew Bell’s ‘authorized’ Android figurines.  Each box includes 12 of the tin...