Fame - YoGen - 1

You’ve heard about the YoGen Max footpedal pump to power laptops right here…but what you may not already be familiar with is its newest model, the YoGen Mini.

It looks like a strange cross between a yo-yo and a pullcord starter for your standard lawn mower, but the YoGen, which recently bowed at CES, allows you to generate sufficient power to recharge a cell phone battery via repeated pulls on a ripcord-like device connected to an internal alternator. The device then works much like a dynamo would, as “linear kinetic energy” is transferred directly into the device.

It’s designed to work with most cell phones, and pretty much anything with a USB port–though I probably wouldn’t want to try this with the laptop.

Considering these cost only forty bucks a crack, you could definitely do a whole lot worse.  I can personally see one of these going in cars and backpacks all over the country.