Tune Belt's Sport Armband

If you’ve ever wanted to take your iPhone along with you in an environment where you need both hands free, like, say, running, then we’ve got something for you today.

The folks out at Tune Belt bring you the Tune Belt Sport Armband, an armband designed to hold your iPhone squarely in place while also allowing you access to the controls, earphone jacks, and similar parts of the device.

Maybe you’re not the iPhone type–well, don’t worry about it, because the Tune Belt Sport Armband isn’t designed to work just with the iPhone.  This will also work with Blackberries, the Palm Pre, and just about any other mobile device of comparable dimensions.  And just in case you should favor using it for your running, the armband is washable so it doesn’t wind up smelling like a locker room after you’ve had it for a few runs.

Best part is, you can get one of these for just $20.