spracht aura

The Spracht Aura, ladies and gentlemen, may sound like a total kludge in terms of naming conventions, but I can assure you that anyone who calls this the coolest Bluetooth headset ever is not speaking out of turn, but is rather arguably correct.

Sure, any time you introduce value judgments like anything involving the suffix “-est”, you have a grey area in terms of accuracy, but this one is definitely a competitor, if nothing else.  It has a PAIR of microphones implanted in it to ensure that your side of the conversation WILL be heard by the other party.  It’s also got a six-band equalizer to make sure YOU get THEIR end.  How about the volume control that you activate by just SLIDING YOUR FINGER along the base of the earpiece?  It’s capacitive!

And as if all that weren’t good enough for you, I give you one last thing to consider–when these come out in March, you’ll be able to get one for just eighty bucks.