Coming soon, or so the current word goes, is one of the most frighteningly preposterous gadget chargers I’ve seen in some time–it’s no solar power device.  No wind generator, no magnet, nor even Tesla coil.  It isn’t even a lightning rod.

No, today I’m talking about the Airnergy, a device that will recharge your gadgets with–get this–AMBIENT WI-FI SIGNALS.

It actually turns Wi-Fi energy, found at any Wi-Fi hotspot, into electrical energy.  As long as this is in range of a Wi-Fi signal, it’s making juice, plain and simple.  RCA, the folks behind the Airnergy, ran a demonstration at CES in which they charged a Blackberry with a third of its battery left to full charge in just an hour and a half.

But this isn’t the end–oh no.  RCA wants to make a version that’s small enough to fit INSIDE a cell phone battery, meaning that the device would continually recharge whereever it was near enough to receive a Wi-Fi signal.

Amazing, and yet kind of scary, the Airnergy isn’t on shelves yet, but is set to cost just $40 bucks whne it is released.