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Win A Free IOSafe Hard Drive From GadgetReview


I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but IOSafe has teamed up with GadgetReview to give away one of their almost indestructible hard drives.  It has a I’m not sure on the hard drive capacity but I think it at least has 500GB of storage.  In any case...


Ezison 100 Guitar iPhone App Accessory


There are more than anyone’s fair share of iPhone guitar apps available.  Fortunately, there is only one Ezison 100, an accessory designed to work with any guitar app to provide a more realistic guitar like experience on the touchscreen handset. Just insert the iPhone, connect the headphone jack to the...

ade 651 2

Cambridge Computer Laboratory Declares The ADE 651 A Fraud

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You guys remember a few months ago when we were talking about the ADE 651, supposed to be the world’s greatest bomb detector because it could literally sniff out explosives from up to half a mile out?  And how we said that we were pretty sure it was a gigantic...

Sonos S5 ZonePlayer Review

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Sonos has long stood in obscurity thanks to its multiroom, multiparty system and hefty price tag.  Now the company is looking to break down the complexity barrier with the Sonos S5, introduced just this past October for $399. In a nutshell the S5 is a speaker system that can stream...


Just Cause 2 On The PS3 Will Have YouTube Upload Feature


Just Cause was one of those games that had great promise.  Like Assassin’s Creed, it was a gorgeous and giant world, but ultimately vacuous and boring.  Attempting to alleviate the pitfalls found in the 1st iteration, Just Cause 2 is looking pretty tight. Word coming down from Square Enix is...

Driinn Cell Phone Charging Ledge

Driinn Cell Phone Charging Ledge


Charging our cellphones has become a consuming daily task with companies and manufacturers taking it upon themselves to try and make that experience easier.  The Driinn Cell Phone Charging Ledge effectively raises your cell phone to the height of the outlet.  You can also wrap your cord around it making...

CES 1979, Need I Say More (video)


31 years ago CES was, well, VHS cassettes and cable boxes.  And don’t forget about the TV that printed recipes and the portable camcorder with the massive shoulder mounted recorder.  Ah, nostalgia.  Course, I wasn’t even born yet....