light up dog collar

This one goes out to all the dog owners out there–today we’re talking about the Nite Ize Nite Dawg LED Light Up Dog Collar.  I assure you that all the misspellings in that last sentence are supposed to be there.

Anyway, this may be one of the most interesting and yet strangest things I’ve seen in some time.  Think about this–your dog’s outside at sunset.  It’s starting to get dark…can you see your dog any more?  With the Nite Ize Night Dawg, you can, by simply looking for the ring of LED light around his neck.

They say you can see these LEDs for as far back as a thousand feet away, and the LEDs in the collar have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, or, roughly, 11.5 years.

And how much do these cost?  Well, you get your choice of three sizes, and each one is $17.95.  So if you’ve got a dog who likes to wander, you may want to get one of these for their own safety.  After all, I’d bet a dog wearing one of these almost never gets run over by a car.