Today’s tech news has been straight bludgeoned by the newly announced Apple iPad.  We are dying to touch one and have been brainstorming accessory ideas all day.  Beyond the obvious drawbacks (no DSi style cameras, flash, etc.), the iPad will still be an awesome Apple product.

At this time there has yet to be a ton of accessories announced besides the keyboard dock and the Kickstand Sleeve (pictured).  Looking a bit precarious, the Keyboard Dock is for those used to the physical desktop model keystroke and don’t want the added fuss of the touch screen keyboard.  Isn’t that the point?

The Kickstand Sleeve, which will soon see a million variations soon enough, allows access to all the controls while posing the iPad in a couple of key postures.  It looks like a modern day Trapper Keeper Slim to me.

Any ideas for future iPad accessories?

Here’s mine:

  • A double sided suction cup attachment so you can spin your iPad like a basketball or frisbee
  • A leather “Hangover” or “Indiana Jones” licensed man purse or satchel
  • Car mount (obviously)
  • GorillaPod (obviously)
  • Flavor Flav licensed Danglet (Oh hell no)
  • BackYard Wrestling licensed folding chair stand (prop only)


Jeff B