It’s a luggage tag!  No, it’s a solar powered battery charger!

No…unbelievably enough, it’s BOTH.

It’s the Keystone Eco Tag, and it attaches to your attache–or any other piece of luggage–just like any other luggage tag.  It’s got a space for you to pencil in your name and address and such in case the bag gets lost.  But it also comes with a couple extra slots to plug in AAA batteries, or any device that has a USB connection.

Four hours of direct sunlight–or eight hours of indirect sunlight–will have those batteries charged in a thrice.

It’s not exactly the kind of thing you expect to see together–forget chocolate and peanut butter, this is chocolate and vodka.  But the combination is actually pretty palatable, and considering they want thirty five bucks a pop, the price isn’t terrible.  But if you’re interested, I’ve got a bit of bad news–these don’t ship until February.  I know, that’s only a couple weeks away, basically, but still.  It’s a bit of a wait.