Immerz KOR-fx

We’ll probably have to wait until virtual reality is in full bloom to truly experience that next level of video game immersion.  But until then we’ll have to settle for 3D TVs and products such as the Immerz’s KOR-fx.

Using any device’s audio, the KOR-fx sends acousto-haptic feedback to your chest, providing you with a heart thumping experience, literally.  While I hardly think it will provide you with a “7th sense” awareness of where the danger is lurking in any video game (that’s what they say), it might be a good alternative to those Buttkicker speakers. 

The KOR-fx hits shelves sometime this May, but if you’re so tingled by the idea you can pre-order it now for $189.99.


Christen Costa

Grew up back East, got sick of the cold and headed West. Since I was small I have been pushing buttons - both electronic and human. With an insatiable need for tech I thought "why not start a blog focusing on technology, and use my dislikes and likes to post on gadgets."