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iBend iPhone Stand Review

The iBend iPhone stand will question your definition of a product.  Fully embracing a “why didn’t I think of that” aesthetic, the iBend stand is a cheap way to hold your iPhone horizontally for all your media viewing pleasures.

iBend Stand - 5

Literally cut from a bendable cardboard like substance that fits the dimensions of your iPhone, the iBend is a take it or leave it accessory that doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for improvement.  Each iBend stand contains art and designs from people you are may or may not know.

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My experience with the iBend was just ok and it’s just one of those products that I am kind of indifferent about.  Once freed from its packaging you squeeze the two ends together and it fits the body of the iPhone.  What immediately came to my attention was the way the iBend spun away from the iPhone when you removed it.  This quickly became annoying especially when in a travel scenario requiring you to find where it went to.

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I found that if I put a crease down the center of the iBend that it would not only fix the flailing away problem, but it also stowed in my wallet better.  All in all, there’s not a lot to say about this product.  It is what it is, and if you desperately need a portable iPhone stand on you at all times, than this will do the trick.  If you need a stand that is a bit more solid than I’d suggest the MovieWedge.

I mean, you get 2 of them for only $5, so it may be worth just checking out if you have some money to burn.  It does what it does to some level but in the end, it’s just a piece of flexible paperboard.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Simple


  • Slips away from iPhone
  • Easily losable
  • Easy DIY alternative

Buy a set of two iBend stands for $5 here!

Jeff B