Folks, there were a LOT of things to come boiling out of the CES show.  No one person can possibly pass on all the sheer cool that was generated by that convention.  Thus, you’ll likely be getting the total update for days and weeks to come.

Today, a gadget that made the rounds at CES and the Hologram Display Exhibition in Taiwan: namely, Innovision’s HoloAD Holographic Display.

The HoloAD uses a specially designed case in which three different images are projected onto a glass pyramid, generating an “animated full-color hologram”. Even better, the item you’re projecting as a hologram can be placed in a display unit under the projection glass for added effect.

It galls me that the first use of serious holography beyond proof of concept is advertising, but hopefully we’ll get to immersive entertainment and holodecks later.  After all, without the impetus of cash behind it, who’d ever get a gadget off the ground anyway, and nothing screams “cash cow” like appealing to advertisers.

UPDATE: According to a company called RealFiction, the above product is a ripoff of their patented Dreamoc device.  They’ve provided a number of patent numbers (Europe: EU Design No. 001066278-0001, 001041289-0001, 000852108-0001 and 000835806-0001, US: Design Patent Application No. 29/332,917, Japan: Design Patent Application No. 2009-020417) and some video below.  Sounds legit to me.