macbookair knockoff

What would you say if you could buy a MacBook Air that costs just one fifth of what a normal MacBook Air costs?  Why, you’d probably say “What Chinese sweatshop did that boil up out of?” and you’d be right to say so.  Because it IS Chinese.

But still, it’s a doozy in its own right–check this out.  Not only is the Chinese knockoff ($300) one fifth the price of a regular MacBook Air ($1500), it also contains roughly the same tech specs as a normal MacBook Air, but also offers ORIGINAL features of its own like an SD card slot, an Ethernet port and an HDMI output.

And here’s the part that’ll REALLY get you–it runs Windows XP.

It’s made out of plastic instead of a MacBook Air’s aluminum hull, plus the apple on the knockoff has TWO leaves and glows in some nonstandard colors.  If you want one of these, you can actually order them online, but considering China’s record, you just might wind up growing a second head from working one of these.  Between the diethyline glycol in the toothpaste, melamine in the dog food and lead and cadmium in children’s toys, who knows what the knockoff laptop will do?