YouRockGuitar - 1

The You Rock Guitar is a digital guitar that works with Guitar Hero and Rock Band on all systems as well as performing like a real guitar in Garage Band, MIDI, or through headphones and amplifiers.  It’s ultra portable and actually breaks down into two pieces for easy storage.  Using GameFlex cartridges you can upload more sounds to the guitar and it even works with your iPhone.

YouRockGuitar - 2

I got a chance to use the You Rock Guitar yesterday and was impressed by the seeming endless range of applications and ease of playability.  Picking it up and playing it with bass sounds loaded was a lot of fun and while it definitely didn’t feel like a real guitar right off the bat, minutes later I felt my fingers and hands adjust to the strings and fretboard.

YouRockGuitar - 5

The strings felt more like large gauge nylon strings and guitarists will instantly either like or dislike the “action” of the spacing between the strings and how high they are set off the body of the guitar.  The fretboard felt pretty cool with the strings being embedded on the neck which worked really well.  Tapping mode, which you had to switch to, was awesome and really worked well.  My favorite part of my hands on demo without a doubt.  I didn’t get to use a pick with it and I can only finger pick so fast so I didn’t get to test the speed or the latency.

I wasn’t blown away with the quality of the samples I heard from the You Rock Guitar but the design and form factor was well though out and it felt really good despite how weird it was initially.  This product has some great potential and I hope that some more customization is implemented such as user created and shareable sounds are allowed instead of being forced to buy more and more GameFlex cartridges.

The You Rock Guitar will sell for $189.

Jeff B