Touch Revolution Microwave And Washing Machine - 3

When we crossed paths with Touch Revolution last year they had a variety of touchscreen devices on display.  At the time their form factor was unremarkable, but since Android and touchscreen were the big buzz words back then it was worth posting on.  Now the company has taken their IP and jammed it inside of a washing machine and microwave.

Touch Revolution Microwave And Washing Machine - 1

We floated around their booth for a few minutes with little to no attention from their product people.  Fortunately, ‘a suit’ was getting the full on pitch and from the sounds of it their targeting OEMs and perhaps even large chains.  We can only assume that their devices were Internet connected enabling their interfaces and contents to be updated remotely, something McDonalds or any massive food chain could use when they introduce a new product.

Touch Revolution Microwave And Washing Machine - 4

Christen Costa

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