iLuv App Station - 1

For those of you that just love iPhone dock news, iLuv had its new App Station on display at CES and it was mildly refreshing amongst the sea of competitors.  The App Station works directly with the iLuv compatible app that turns the display into a giant alarm clock.  The device itself rotates so you can view media either horizontally or vertically and was relatively lightweight.

iLuv App Station - 3

The App Station also charges your iPhone and runs off either AC power or 6 AA batteries.  All in all, I like the form factor and it would look pretty nice bedside.  I don’t know about the $130 price tag, but the App Station is slated for release in February.

iLuv App Station - 2iLuv App Station - 4iLuv App Station - 5

Jeff B