HiSaver - 1

In the North Hall at CES 2010, DKO International was showing off their new energy saving HiSaver power strip.  Using a motion sensor to detect movement, or rather lack of movement in that it shuts down the power strip after 10 minutes of inactivity.

HiSaver - 5

The strip also features a separate input for your computer so it can stay awake throughout shutdown.  Both the motion sensor (w/ 6ft cord) and the strip itself are mountable.  Capable of withstanding a powerload of up to 1,875 watts, you can daisy chain this with other power strips but you run the risk of blowing it out.

HiSaver - 8

Two versions will be available, one for your TV and one for your PC.  The TV one shuts down in hourly increments of 1-3 hours and the PC one shuts down after 10 minutes.  Intended to save you between $65 and $100 a year in bills, both versions will sell for $99 and will be available soon.

Jeff B