Buckminster Fuller once came up with a concept he called Dymaxion Sleeping, in which you take four thirty minute naps regularly spaced over the course of twenty four hours.  Yes, I know that only adds up to about two hours of sleep per day, and that should probably kill you if done for any length of time, but that was Fuller’s concept.

Apparently, someone out there is a true believer in Dymaxion Sleeping, because they’ve invented the Sleep Suit.  It’s almost like a very well stuffed sleeping bag that covers your entire body and yet has “numerous perforations to allow human contact”.  It will, essentially, allow you to get that half hour of sleep absolutely anywhere.

Frankly, I’d really rather not have human contact while I sleep.  Especially if I’m following the concept’s advice and falling asleep just anywhere.  And this is still in the concept stages, so don’t go running down to Bed Bath and Beyond (this probably qualifies as “beyond”) looking for it or you’ll be sorely disappointed.