Anybody sharing a toilet with one or more persons knows that pain of stumbling through the mists of someone else’s freshly created stank.  To combat that heavy air is the Automatic Deodorizing Toilet Seat.  $129 may seem like a lot to spend on an item like this but your nasal cavity would be quite relieved.

On the other hand, there would be less to talk and laugh about.

This is the toilet seat that immediately suppresses bathroom odors by deodorizing the ambient air. As you sit on the seat, a whisper-quiet fan passes air through a replaceable carbon filter that absorbs odors, and is then freshened with one of two included fragrance modules, infused with pleasing, natural extracts, including Jasmine/Lavender and Citrus/Eucalyptus. The carbon filter deodorizes for six months and the fragrance module freshens for one month.


Jeff B