Yesterday Steve Jobs touted the iPad as being the best way to view mobile video.  While iTunes will quench most people’s thirst for movies and Tv programs, as of now NetFlix streaming will not be available on the iPad.

NetFlix CEO Reed Hastings has said that they are not currently developing an app to view streaming content for the iPad or any other Apple device.  Reed laid mention to the fact that they are still trying to conquer the “large screen” format and want to primarily focus on that for the time being.

What most people might not be aware of is that NetFlix uses Microsoft’s IIS Media Services to stream content through the Silverlight plugin, and has as of recent enabled IIS7 to transcode to an iPhone-compatible stream so you can use it through mobile Safari instead of needing a separate app to do so.

The bottom line is that the technology is there, but so far NetFlix isn’t interested.


Jeff B