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ipad kickBACK case

Scosche Announces iPad kickBACK Case

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It wasn’t a question of if but when Scosche would release an iPad version of their kickBACK case.  And today is that day.  It adds some much needed to protection to its rear and sides, and includes a cleaning clothing and screen protector all in one neat bundled package.  Expect...


Rubik’s Slide Will Make Your Brain Implode


Not as pleasing to the eye as the touchscreen Rubik’s Cube iteration, the new Rubik’s Slide promises to be just, if not way more challenging.  The designers claim that the Rubik’s Slide contains over 10,000 puzzles. The user will twist and slide the cube in accordance to a pre-determined pattern...


Gaming Rumor: DJ Hero For The iPhone


So it may be safe to say that DJ Hero isn’t the mega success it was envisioned to be but that hasn’t stopped Activision from not only bringing about a sequel but also perhaps a mobile rendition for the iPhone.  Word has it that port heroes Glu Mobile will be...


Belkin Announces New iPad Sleeves


And here comes the flood.  Belkin has just announced their first iPad sleeves with prices ranging from $29.99 to $39.99.  They are also bringing a screen protector to the market for $19.99.  All products will be available for spring 2010....

iLuv iPad

iLuv’s Bevy Of New iPad Gear


In what is no surprise to any of us, the first wave of iPad accessories from iLuv has arrived.  With standard aesthetic flare, iLuv has an impressive amount of gear to choose from.  From conservative to flamboyant, the entire iPad iLuv line will be available for purchase in February. ...


Will Punxsutawney Phil Be Next To Lose His Job To A Machine?

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Well, folks, it’s almost Groundhog Day again, and you know what that means.  No, the post office doesn’t get yet another screwball holiday off to screw up your Netflix queue–it means that once again, Punxsutawney Phil will emerge from his hole, look for his shadow, and give us yet another...