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Gaming Rumor: BattleField Bad Company 2 Demo Available On February 4th


Having extensively played the Beta for BC2 on PS3, I am super excited for this game.  Massively detailed maps and responsive vehicle controls, BC2 is the game I’m most looking forward to raging this March. Reports have it that a UK retailer named Game have issued reports of the BC2...

Big daddy, Bioshock 2

Pre-Order Bioshock 2 On PS3 From Amazon And Get Something Awesome


Ahh, for the love of pre-orders.  Now almost any high profile title on the imminent horizon has some type of pre-order tie-in bonus with a major retailer.  This time around the game is BioShock 2 for the PS3.  Last time around, it came out 1st on the Xbox so pre-order...


Evoline Lounge Table With Power Ports


This thing is just plain whack looking.  With its giant punching bag base and its overall odd aesthetic I just want to kick it over.  What makes it “somewhat” desirable is the fact that it packs two power ports and two ethernet inputs to keep you charged and connected. I...

Sony Transfer Jet

Sony’s New Tansfer Jet Tech Introduced In Japan


Making its debut at CES 2010 and yesterday at a press conference in Tokyo, Sony’s new Transfer Jet technology was made aware to the masses.  Shown here in its 8GB iteration, the memory sticks will also be available in 16GB and 32Gb versions. Essentially a close proximity wireless transfer technology...


Leather Beer Holster To Go Down In A Drunken Blaze Of Glory


For when you’re holding two or more beers already, fasten this raw, rough, and rugged leather holster to your upper thigh and you’re literally ready to tie, or strap one on.  It snaps into any standard belt and uses a nylon strap for adjusting around your junk. $35 seems a...


Smells Like Crap Gadget?: USB Scent Flower


Prettier than the AromaUSB, these little USB Scent Flowers have the power to fill your office space with fart clearing odors such as Jasmine, Chamomile, Ocean Breeze, and Lavender.  Each scent comes with 3 months worth of nasal enhancing odor cartridges and is very plug and play out of the...

Onzo Smart Energy Kit-2

Onzo Smart Energy Kit Helps You Track Your Home’s Electricity Usage


There are a wide array of devices on the market today that claim to measure your energy consumption.  In reality they plug into just one device and provide little to no data about your energy usage.  The ONZO Smart Energy Kit on the other hand includes a wireless display and...


USB Negative Scanner From Veho


For those photographers out there still clinging to dusty boxes of negatives comes the USB Negative Scanner from Veho.  Capable of scanning 35mm slides or negatives you can instantly convert them into digital copies with the press of a button. Using the included software you can crop, resize, and edit...

love handles thermo chair

Hypercolor Love Chair Leaves Your Passion Behind


There’s something kind of creepy about a seat or chair that is all warm from the previous occupant.  Now you can know before you sit, that is of course assuming they’ve got the Nunoerin’s love handles chair in their waiting room. ...

self powered trash compactor

Self Powered Trash Compactor

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Home trash compactors were big in the late 80s and early 90s, but wore off due to their impractical nature.  The Self-Powered Trash Compactor is essentially an everyday flip lid garbage bin – this makes it practical – but rocks an expandable lid that when pressed by hand serves as...

Kiva Robot

Kiva Systems Mobile Drive Units Take Jobs From Humans


Anyone else remember those few episodes of South Park featuring the local boys who lost their jobs to one thing or another?  You know, where they end up getting together on camera shrieking incoherently about how something “Derk ahr jerrrrrbs!“? Well, look for that to happen at least somewhat in...