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LightSaber USB Desk Lamp


Star Wars merchandising will never end.  To add to the planet sized landfill of Star Wars junk comes the LightSaber USB Desk Lamp.  Capable of being unsheathed to conduct a symphony John Williams style at anytime, I can’t imagine this being the type of light that’s conducive to productivity. The...

Sigma APO Japan

Buy An Earth Wear iPhone Case, Save An Animal

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I just saw a documentary called The Cove.  I was appalled by what is going on in Taijii Japan as well as amazed by the tenacity of the film makers.  I thought it proper to post on these new set of iPhone cases by Earth Wear, where a portion of...


Splinter Cell Conviction Delayed Again!


Just after seeing a really cool Splinter Cell Conviction CES demo and being reassured that it would make its February 26th release date comes news today that it is again delayed.  This time until April.  SCC has already seen previous delays and while this two month plus stretch isn’t as...


Zamboni Desk Vacuum

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If you’ve ever sat in a cubicle from 9-5 day in, day out then you know how mind numbing and boring the job experience can be.  That’s why everyone needs a desk toy or two to keep them and their visitors entertained.  Us?  We use to play Russian Roulette with...

Netflix Wii

Confirmed: Netflix For The Wii


Got a Wii?  Rocking a Netflix account?  Good news.  Coming this Spring you’ll be able to stream Netflix directly to the video game console.  Of course you’ll need to make sure you’ve got an Internet connection, an $8.99 a month plan or higher and the Netflix disc inserted.  Yup, you’ll...


RCA Airnergy Turns Wi-Fi Signal Into Battery Power

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Coming soon, or so the current word goes, is one of the most frighteningly preposterous gadget chargers I’ve seen in some time–it’s no solar power device.  No wind generator, no magnet, nor even Tesla coil.  It isn’t even a lightning rod. No, today I’m talking about the Airnergy, a device...