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Zagg Spark - 1

CES 2010: Zagg Sparq Dual USB Battery/Charger


Battery charging is all I can really remember about CES 2010.  Everywhere I turned I saw some new fangled “awesome” way to charge your cell phone or USB gadget.  Probably the best of what I saw first hand was the Zagg Sparq.  Encompassing two USB inputs and about the size...


Ion Twin Video Is Great For Interviews (video)


Expanding on some of the design elements found  in Zoom’z Q3, the Ion Twin Video has two cameras facing in both directions making it awesome for recording interviews and more.  Also encompassing stereo microphones, live editing features, SDHC-compliant storage all in a compact body.  The price has yet to be...


Sega Genesis Business Card Holder


Retro gaming has permeated almost every facet or our modern living.  The Sega Genesis was one of the best gaming experiences of my childhood and I was pumped to see this business card holder modeled after this “master” system of old.  Anybody that doles out business cards like confetti and...

Haier Wireless Power

Haier Does Real Deal Wireless Power On An LCD TV


The future is here, at least according to Haier.  Although we didn’t have time to stop by their booth at CES, the folks from TechOn did, and they got the run down on the company’s latest technology. This LCD TV, which has no name, uses WiTricity Corp’s wireless power technology. ...


iTamTam iPhone Speaker Dock Stool By Branex

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As products that you jam an iPhone into continue to grow and mutate, the iTamTam from French designers Branex is quite the beastly monstrosity.  Weighing in at just under 11.5 pounds, each iTamTam has four 1.5-inch tweeters with 10W of maximum power handling and a 5.25-inch subwoofer rated at 80W...


Logitech Speaker LapDesk N700 Shields, Amplies And Cools


Much like the Philips CushionSpeaker, the Logitech Lapdesk N700 shields your fragile parts from the the laptops penetrating heat all the while providing some amplified sound for your tuneage.  But they’ve taken their version a step further and tossed in a USB powered fan to keep both you and your...

Clear Sneaker

TSA Approved Sneaker


I’m really not sure how to position this as a gadget, but I suppose that instantly knowing when you need to clean out the toe jam could be useful.  Then again socks would negate that. And oh yeah, the title was a joke....

Sex Robot_doomsday_604x341

ROXXXY, The First Ever Robot Girlfriend

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Society as we know it is now officially doomed.  Please find your exits located to the left and right of the auditorium and drive safely. You might wonder what inspired my greatest hyperbole to date…well, when I read about the ROXXXY unit, described as the “world’s first life-size robot girlfriend”,...